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In lieu of a publishing update, since I don’t have anything new to say, I’m going to do a general writing update, because I have some stuff to say!

Okay, so, don’t congratulate me, but I finished a draft of “The Puppet Box” on the 18th. I’ve moved the project to “On Hold,” which means I’m thinking seriously of trashing it. I’m not happy. I have theories. Like, I couldn’t sleep while I was writing this. I have chronic on and off insomnia, but it got quite ridiculous. A few things helped, but ultimately, nothing can override a restless brain. As soon as I set the story aside, I started sleeping again.

To add to that, the story was too hard to write. Like, it was miserable. I wanted to quit several times. One of these days I’m going to listen to that regardless of how I feel about the concept. I get that writing is sometimes hard, but I take issue with the entire thing being hard. What this tells me is that I’m missing something, or the story is just not working. I’m not entirely sure what the problem is. I don’t know if it’s my main character or the timing or something else. Trying to draft something and edit something and publish something at the same time was rough. I had a lot of voices in my head. Inner editor voices. Previous story voices. Other stories from the plot bunny field were screaming at me. That’s usually a sign I picked the wrong project. They know. 🙂

For now, the story is going to sit until I figure it out or trash it. Don’t tell me it’s better than I think. It is better than I think. That doesn’t matter. I’m the first line of defense, and I’m not editing something that I don’t feel good about. At least not right now. I’m trying to get six books out by October 2019. I don’t have time for messes. I knew when I published a book that everything I write probably isn’t going to be publishable, but if nothing else, my goal is to learn from this so this kind of thing happens way less often. Right now on my last four stories, I’m 50/50 between publishable and needing to be rewritten.

In a related note: I’m in brainstorming hell with “Once There Was Chaos.” I finally got the backstory organized, but I have no idea how to incorporate it into the main plot. I don’t know what I need and how much detail I need to go into. Everything is a convoluted mess in my head. The MC’s been trying to give me pep talk, but she’s also in a disturbingly understanding mood. I feel like it’s close, but I’m a fairly fast drafter, so I can’t do “almost” – I need “bursting at the seams.” I’m glad she was so loud before though, because this story is a lot more complicated than I thought it was.

Which brings me to GOOD NEWS! 😛 I do have a WIP. It’s a story that I’ve been too scared to write for FOUR YEARS!! Yeah, seriously. I’m still excited about it (imagine that), and she’s patient as crap, so we got to talking last week. I officially have it up and moving for the third time. Yeah. First time, I just had an unfinished first chapter, and last time I had three chapters and an entire outline. I haven’t deleted too much of it yet, because the story hasn’t changed, only the setting and minor details have changed. It took place in a corporate office building before. Then I tried to make it YA and moved it to a private boarding school. My character patted me on the back and said she’d “be over there.” So, I’ve moved it back to the office building. It does change the outline, of course, but the actual plot, like “this happens then that happens and here’s the ending” is all about the same. So I’m keeping all the old notes until the gut tells me to delete them. It makes calculating word count tedious, because I have 13k words of different drafts and notes.

The project is in the sidebar: “Whisper.” I’ve mentioned it a few times. I had two last hurdles to cross before I felt comfortable diving back in. One was about the ending. I always thought it was too ridiculous, but when I was explaining it to one of my uncles a couple of months ago, I realized it did make sense, and that it would work out! And then, a few weeks back, I was thinking about my futuristic urban fantasies and the problems I’m having. In trying to sort that out, I realized how simple the solution to that problem is in this story. Finally. This isn’t urban fantasy, but it’s set a tiny bit in the future, just because there’s some tech and transportation that I need that doesn’t exist – at least not in the area the story is set in. It’s a kind of sort of retelling – all other information is classified for now, unless I talk to you in person. Haha.

There’s hope for the backlog. ^_^

So, I went to a writing conference last weekend! #utopiacon2017 – Details and such coming next week. ^_^ It’s a long post, I probably need to split it up. In the meantime, I posted a haul of all the books I picked up on the YouTube Channel.

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