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To This Day: Video Poem

It’s poetry week again! I want to share with everyone one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever heard…To This Day by Canadian Poet & Author Shane Koyczan. If you haven’t heard this yet, this poem is the anthem for his anti-bullying campaign: To This Day Project. Shane Koyczan is an amazing poet. He travels… Continue Reading

Poem: Where is My Atlantis?

I’ve decided, if I remember, that once a month, the last Thursday of each month, will be poetry week. Sometimes my own if I can dig something interesting up. I used to love poetry. I’ve gotten away from it over it years. Lately, I’ve been getting back into it again. I wrote this a few… Continue Reading

February Blog Chain: Evil Cupid

This month’s AbsoluteWrite’s Blog Chain theme: Suggest-A-Prompt. Since Charity is before me, she picked my topic: Evil Cupid Next Up: I suggest Hunting with Hounds ^_^ See the bottom of this post for previous and upcoming Suggest-A-Prompt blog chain posts! Evil Cupid Cupid’s not a fat, pink baby He’s an old and cranky man. His… Continue Reading