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#WIPMarathon Report #17 (June) & 18 (July)

Hiya, folks! So, last month, I didn’t do a marathon update, because while I had written that month, I was about to shelve the story I was working on.

I know, right?! I didn’t want to talk about it because I was actually kind of sad about it. I loved the idea and it was going well, but at the same time, it was feeling forced and hard and stupid, and it was making me unhappy. Since I had a pact with myself to stop forcing crap, I dropped the story like a cigarette in an anti-smoking commercial for teens. 🙂

Anywho, onto to the stats!

Last report wordcount + chapter count:
“Untitled YA Paranormal/Fantasy” = 14903 words, Chapter 6
I was up to 26k when I bailed, so about 11,698 word for June.

Current report WC + CC:
Legion (currently labeled as paranormal/horror) = 11,761 words, Chapter 5

WIP Issues This Month:
No issues this month, but I clearly had issues in June so I’ll defer to the next section to explain what happened.

What I learned this month in writing:
Last month wasn’t a good month. It actually feels a little weird to think about it, because I feel 1000x better now. I honestly thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I’ve talked about it a little bit a few weeks ago, but the short version is that while I love reading YA, trying to write it has been giving me quite a bit of grief, and I finally started to figure that out around the tail end of last month. I don’t feel like a failure or any of that crap. I tried my best. That’s all I can do. I do have a feeling though that I’m not the kind of writer who can just bounce around and write whatever comes to mind. Given how the vast majority of my ideas would fall into the same category, and given how many times I’ve tried other things and didn’t like it, paranormal type stories might be the only kind of stories I really enjoy writing. I’ll keep trying on wild hairs from time to time because that is what I do, but if a story is agitating me, it’s not going to get any better by me forcing myself on it. When I’m working on the right idea, it just has a different kind of feeling. I feel different on the inside…I feel lighter. So, I guess I’m just kind of re-learning that this month. 🙂

What distracted me this month while writing:
Nothing, really. I’ve been watching Orphan Black finally, and I love it! But it hasn’t been a distraction. However, in slightly, temporarily distracting news, I did figure out a way to fix “Raven!!!” It’ll be a while, so I’ll check back up on it when “Legion” is finished to be sure, but part of the fix will be to put some of the plot elements in the story that I was too afraid to put in the first time. And also pull it out of the YA category. My main character is 17, and I intend to keep her that way, but some of the themes are severely borderline – probably some kind of subconscious act of rebellion. I think that’s where I had gone wrong to begin with…

Goal for next month:
I’m still in the chaotic part of the drafting process, so I’m not up for setting any kind deadline just yet, but I would love to hit 40k!

Last 200 words:
My preciousssssss…..Lol! Okay, not quite 200 words as I don’t have 200 words together in the last chapter that will make sense – Really, the current chapter I’m on is a mess. But here is a snap shot towards the end of the last section I was working on. This is literally starting from the middle of a paragraph, so forgive me for sounding random. 🙂

The thoughts don’t stay with me long when I see who is waiting for me by the beaded doorway, pacing the floor, the nervous energy so thick around her I can almost see it.

Miss thirty-something from Renali’s office this morning stops when I enter.

It can’t be her. But there are only two other people in the room, and neither of them give me more than a passing glance, indicating that they are waiting for someone else.

“Can I help you?” I don’t sound at all as if I mean it.

Looking down at her rather delicate-looking hands instead of at me, she whispers, “I heard you were the one I needed to see if I wanted answers.”

I barely hear her over the fans. “Who told you that?” After my conversation with Tessandra, I have to ask. Paranoia slithers up the back of my neck, wrapping around my skull like a wet cloak.

She glances up a mere fraction of an inch. “Dr. Willox.”

Happy July! I hope everyone is having a great month! ^_^

#WIPMarathon Report #15 (April)

April Showers Bring May Flowers… 🙂 Last report wordcount + chapter count: Raven = scrapped story Painted Chaos = set aside Whisper = compiling story notes & brainstorming DISCORD = finished another round of revisions Current report WC + CC: Whisper = 2113 words, shiny new Chapter One Phantom Silence = 4907 new words out of 21282 total words,… Continue Reading