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Beginnings 101

Beginnings are hard. People sometimes redo their intros 70 times! After all, do we start with the inciting incident? What IS an inciting incident?! Do we start with a funeral opening even though half the writing world would tell us not to? Do we start with something mundane and everyday? Do we start with the… Continue Reading

Best Movie Vampires

Happy Halloween! This is a post I’ve wanted to do for some time and what better time than on Halloween? It was this or scare you with how much I love the Chucky movies. I’ve uploaded some vampire pictures for your enjoyment. Now, I only included my favorite vampire movies, but I do want to… Continue Reading

Movie Review – Oz: The Great and Powerful

You can download more wallpapers like this HERE. I’m surprised how much I liked this movie. For starters, the visuals and special effects are FANTASTIC. If you’re a fan of Avatar-like visuals, this alone makes the movie worth seeing. At a little over 2 hours long, make sure you pee before the movie starts. ^_^… Continue Reading