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Get Yer Mini Makeover On

My HVAC unit, which had been dying for nearly two years, finally played out earlier this month. So whilst I was melting (in nearly 90 degree indoor weather) and waiting for a tech to come over and tell me it had finally died and then waiting some more for another tech to come over and fix it (same day THANK GOD), I sludged over to the old blog did a bit ‘o remodeling! Can ya tell? Can ya, huh?

Fine. I’ll tell you. 🙂 Firstly, I did an overhaul on all the fonts. Not a drastic change, but I was ready to look at something else. Secondly, I’ve replaced the “Writing Projects” tab with a “Books” drop down menu. ^_^

LOL! I know. But it’s exciting to me! I’d been thinking about it for a while, but it wasn’t as simple as adding a new tab to the menu bar, because then things would be off balance. (Like, really.) Though I do already have a short list of menu items to cut if I need to throw something else up there.

One of the things I do here at The Narcissistic Rose Café is label published works as “Books” and unpublished works as “Novels.” (Don’t ask – it’s just part of the labeling system I use to find information on my blog.) I’m trying to think ahead though and a “Novels” tab and a “Books” tab would be uber confusing to anyone who isn’t me, which is well, let’s be honest, everyone.

What I was trying to do was separate the stuff I’ve finished and haven’t shelved from the stuff I’ve finished and shelved. And further separate those from stuff that is published. The past projects section was getting too long – lucky me – and besides that, there is the separation thing. I wanted to do this for mental reasons, and also because a book may be for sale one day. 😉

With a drop down menu, I can keep everything I want on here without confusing myself or anyone else. After all, I can’t tell you how many times my brain has frozen over information and I’ve been able to run over here and get it.

I did add some loglines to the newer stories in the Story Graveyard (newer as in since the blog’s been live). And I finally found the logline I wrote for “Legion” – retitled last week to “No Rest for the Wicked” – and that is currently at the bottom of the “Writing Projects” page if you want to read it. I’m going to replace it with a blurb soon, but I’m really into loglines right now. ^_^

The font I really wanted to change was the one used for the posts. But ya know how that goes. Once I got into the editor and started messing with things, I changed everything. ^_^ I also tweaked my bio and added a line to the bottom of all the pages for cosmetic reasons. LOL!

I stuck with the same colors for now, because I’m really happy with them, and of course, not changing the banner or background anytime soon because they are my favorite things. 🙂

Not that anyone noticed before, but I was previously using a different font on the sidebar than I was using for the posts. Now they match! I know it makes such a big difference, right? 😛

I can totally read, and possibly write (though I doubt it), with sweaty men romping around the place and banging on the walls, but I thought, why not do a mini makeover instead? Because really, while I can read with a lot of noise (and did all the time growing up), I totally rather not.

It was nice getting reacquainted with the site editor. I hadn’t used it in almost a year and almost forgot how it worked. Lucky, I’m smart, huh. 😉

Anywho, the days are finally cooling down, and I could not be happier about it. Yay, autumn! ^_^

Pretty Puppet Theatre

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Novel #18 & Inspiration Dump

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Playlist Mania

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