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Flood Gate

Blank Slate Malady: You know that feeling…when you finish a story and your mind is completely blank and you panic and wonder if you’ll ever have another story idea again? insert melodramatic violin music here Stuck-Gate Syndrome: You have ideas…perhaps LOTS of ideas, but none of them are sticking and you can’t answer even basic… Continue Reading

The Tree Inspiration Grows On…

Meet the Bonsai Tree …And you can keep it in a little pot on your desk! (Who knew?) Inspiration is everywhere. Literally. It’s not just limited to books. It can be found in the newspaper, in live theatre, on a street corner, at a bus stop, at the movie theater, in the forest, the possibilities… Continue Reading

February Blog Chain: Evil Cupid

This month’s AbsoluteWrite’s Blog Chain theme: Suggest-A-Prompt. Since Charity is before me, she picked my topic: Evil Cupid Next Up: I suggest Hunting with Hounds ^_^ See the bottom of this post for previous and upcoming Suggest-A-Prompt blog chain posts! Evil Cupid Cupid’s not a fat, pink baby He’s an old and cranky man. His… Continue Reading