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Get Yer Writer’s Fuel: Conference Highlights

Have you ever been to writing conference and came back all pumped up to write? Hopefully, if you’ve been to a conference, you have! And that’s exactly how I felt after this year’s Third Annual Creative Writer’s Conference of Middle Tennessee! After the first conference, I came back to writing all pumped up and ready… Continue Reading

Fancy Book Haul

Thanks to my awesome parents gifting me with mooney (misspelled on purpose) this past holiday season, I finally got to picked up all these freaking awesome books over the last few weeks. Books I have been wanting for like, SO long. hugs giant pile of books Granted I already have a Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales… Continue Reading

Limbo, Limbo, Limbo

I’ll be honest. I love editing! And you know why? Because I’m done with the story, that’s why! ^_^ For me, drafting the story is like an apartment on moving day. Everything is all a mess. There’s crap all over the floor. The walls are bare. So I love unpacking and putting up all my stuff,… Continue Reading