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The Low & High of Project Juggling

As you may or may not know, I’ve been kind of multitasking projects since last October or so. Drafting one, editing one. The first time it wasn’t so bad. I had already done some editing, and I’m a slow starter anyway. This second time has been a little rougher.

The good news is that I always have something to work on, which is good for my brain. The less stellar news is that it’s sent my inner editor into overdrive. I mean, we’re friends and everything, but OMG, it’s annoying.

By the time I got going good on “Winter’s Siren,” I was so freaking sick of editing NO REST FOR THE WICKED. So sick. So switching to drafting mode was a relief. But I started “The Puppet Box” right after finishing the first draft of “Winter’s Siren.” I haven’t done that in a very long time. I usually just brainstorm between drafts, but I was really itching to get the next project off and rolling.

It’s been interesting going back and forth like this. It’s been a real good exercise for the brain. I went straight into editing “Winter’s Siren” after a few weeks of poking at “The Puppet Box” because I have deadlines, then it was back to trying to draft, and my brain was just like, “Um…what are you doing?”

Of course, it could also be harder because “The Puppet Box” has a main character who has no idea what she wants (other than to figure out what she wants), and I’m used to being the heads of people who are crazy or kind of horrible or emotionally distraught to the nth degree, and Riley (puppet box MC) is just none of the above. I mean, sure, she’s a little whacked, but not in a super obvious way, you know. And that’s been a challenge.

I actually had to go back and reread the first 7 chapters or so, because it was the only way I was going to stop spazzing about it. And of course, everything is seemingly fine. So, I’m just going to keep typing away. But another problem is that I didn’t delete my old outline that I had before I had to change some stuff, I just added notes on top of the old notes about what I was changing, and I didn’t change enough, so I’ve had to dismantle stuff and combine chapters and skip other planned chapters. And I keep thinking that drafting isn’t usually that chaotic for me. But of course, it is, and I have proof, but I still forget. I always forget.

And it’s weird. Usually, I draft. Edit. Edit some more. Maybe edit some more. Brainstorm between rounds. Maybe draft a few opening paragraphs of a new project. And then, when ALL the editing is done, I go back into the drafting cave. But you know what they say! (Whoever they are…) Practice, practice. And one day I’ll wake up and think, “Oh, I haven’t always juggled projects like this?” Hahaha. 😐

The good news is that it’s upped my productivity. I don’t have time to get rusty or bored. And honestly, the pace is sustainable as long as I don’t run out of workable ideas. Because I’m not drafting or editing any faster than normal, I’m just overlaying projects, which means I’m getting more work done, and I’m also having less long spells of freaking out than usual. Hmm, I wonder if these are related…

In other news, I decided to upload embarrassing videos of myself on YouTube. >.<

What can I say? IT’S ALL MY SISTER’S FAULT! She’s been trying to talk me into it for at least a year. I started following some writers on YouTube after diving into Indie Land, and I dunno, it looks like fun, and it’ll have the happy side effect of getting me over my stage fright without actually having to be in front of anyone. I have no idea what I’m doing, but then again, I never do. Haha.

So, like I need something else to do, but it’s manageable. I already got the hang of editing out super long pauses and rambles. And my brother helped me figure out a couple of other tasks that should have been obvious, but you know how it is when you’re like overwhelmed and tired and stuff.

I thought about doing this like 10 years ago. I was going to post rants every week. But after a couple of videos, I lost interest in that. Guess the one thing I never lose interest in is writing! Or whatever the crap I’m talking about. ^_^

I don’t plan on doing writing advice videos, but we’ll see. Right now I have a Wizarding World Loot Crate unboxing and the following in queue: a book haul, a movie haul, and an author tag. I seem to do better if I don’t have to think too much on the spot. LOL!

So yeah. 😀

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