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#WIPMarathon Report #13 (February)

All right! March is just around the corner! Bye, bye icicles, hello allergies. 😛 Last report wordcount + chapter count: Raven = revision notes organized Painted Chaos = 17 chapters outlined Current report WC + CC: Raven = revision notes organized (yeah, made no progress) Painted Chaos = 37 chapters outlined (progress! Though it’s looking like… Continue Reading

Discord, My Love ^_^

As is tradition here on The Narcissistic Rose, whenever I move another project to the finished pile, I like to reflect on it and what I learned while I was writing it. ^_^ Reflection Happy **Amazing things can happen when you trust yourself and the characters to tell the story. **I’ve learned to embrace my… Continue Reading

Query Mania!

To recap: this post is going to cover both the Quantum Query panel at UtopYA Con 2014 and also C.J. Redwine’s Query book. Once again, you can find the book HERE, and info on her Query Workshop by following the link. ^_^ ANYWHO! Onto the panel: Panelists include: C.J. Redwine, J.A. Souders, Trisha Wolfe, and Rachel Harris. One of… Continue Reading

WIPMarathon Report #5 (June)

Woot, woot! Last report wordcount + chapter count: 65961 words, Chapter 23 “The Fury” ^_^ Current report WC + CC: “The Fury” now known by it’s new title “Discord” = First Draft Done! and Editing = Currently about 7 chapters into round two. Also jotting down notes for a companion story to “Discord.” ^_^ WIP Issues This Month:… Continue Reading