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Playlist Mania

Do you ever make a playlist for your stories? Long before I ever heard of people doing such a thing, I had a story called “From Out of the Ashes.” And this story had a bonafide faux soundtrack made up of Evanescence songs. It was beautiful. Every time I listen to those songs I’m reminded… Continue Reading

Things Writers Collect

Some writers collect pictures. Some writers collect research. Me? I collect names. (And composition books. And pens.) ^_^ The sad thing is, a lot of times I still find myself scrambling around the internet looking for a more perfect fit. It’s nice when the characters tell me their names, but that doesn’t always happen, and… Continue Reading

The Chosen One

No, I’m not talking about the trope (though I could! I love it!) No, what I want to talk about it is: why are your main characters, your main characters? Why them? One of my least favorite kind of character is the one who doesn’t do anything. You know what I’m talking about. Life happens… Continue Reading