Story Graveyard

Past Projects
Stone of Darkness: Dark Contemporary Fantasy (July 2012)
– Caroline must infiltrate a cult led by the charismatic vampire Brother Tom and retrieve a powerful stone for a possibly insane immortal witch.

Chains of Destiny: YA Fantasy (February 2013)
– Assassins came for Reagan – she narrowly escaped with her life by transporting herself to another world. When she returned, mere hours later, nearly 50 years have passed and everything in Ispartia has changed.

How Deep Is My Darkness: Paranormal (October 2013)
– When Korie, a professional free runner, stumbles across a gargoyle atop a tower in the middle of a forgotten forest, she accidentally breaks his curse and unleashes an ancient terror upon the modern world.

“The Winter of Analena Reichard” – YA Supernatural Horror (December 2013)
– (Unfinished) 16 year old, homeschooled, Analena conjures a vengeful warlock from the spirit realm to give her everything she’s always wanted – only his methods are violent, and he doesn’t give her what she wants at all.

Discord: YA Paranormal (July 2014)
– Taryn, a siren, struggles against her nature to avenge the scorned and broken hearted by dragging their exes to the bottom of the sea. Only the one time she does, she reawakens a long slumbering fury who’s on a path of vengeance of her own – against Taryn’s family.

Raven: Paranormal/Horror (December 2014) & Behind Stone and Shadows (Raven rewrite): Paranormal/Horror (October 2015)
– When Devon arrives at her Aunt Fae’s mansion, she and her step-sister are expecting two weeks of boredom in the middle of nowhere. What they get are a mysterious illness, strange deaths, and secrets best kept buried in the snow.

“The Inescapable” – Supernatural/Horror (February 2016)
– When Ciara’s father discovers a long lost island near the Antarctic Circle, she and the crew dive into the discovery of a lifetime. But when Ciara shows off to the older graduate students by opening a locked box with an inscription that says “Never Open,” she releases a spirit hell bent on shedding the blood of every single soul on the island. 

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