Release Day Party: House of Falling Embers :D

GUYS!!! I’m so excited to have another book releasing out into the world today!! ^_^ All the information and links and such will be down below. In the meantime, I wanted to chat about the Creative Well, because my birthday book was born out of an overflowing creative river, so it’s totally appropriate. 😀 The well… Continue Reading

Dear Writer: Be Nice To Yourself

It feels we oftentimes expect change to come sweeping down in an obvious fashion. A handsome knight on a unicorn. An epiphany that hits us hard in the grocery store and shakes us. The reality is that it sneaks up on you before dawn. Completely silent. Completely invisible. So, last month I put the final… Continue Reading

Summer Reading Wrap Up!

GUYS! Summer reading wrap up is here! Finally. LOL! ^_^ I feel like I dragged my feet on the reading front all summer. But I’m only six books away from my goal for the year, so I might just raise that goal two more books to 52! Why not? 😀 Also, can we just admire… Continue Reading