First Reading Wrap Up of 2019

GUYS!! I finished nine books this month! I swapped an anthology I planned for another graphic novel, but I can’t even believe I actually got everything read. I’m so excited! 😀 1: Wild Embers Author: Nikita Gill Genre: Poetry Rating: 3 stars Reviewed: Yes This just wasn’t my kind of poetry. It was mostly poems… Continue Reading

Poetry Update

GUYS! I read over the poems again, and I’m much happier with the collection than I was expecting! 😀 I went through everything with a broom first. Next is a vacuum. Then a fine-toothed comb. Then a second opinion. Then I’ll read through it again and start organizing it. And after it’s organized, I’ll read… Continue Reading

Lochness Monster, Writing Confidence, and Other Things That Don’t Exist

So, I follow a writer by the name of Victoria Schwab, who apparently is doing so well with her writing that she can afford a second home in Scotland. All these books published. So much experience. And yet, not a week goes by, it seems, where she doesn’t complain about how hard it is to… Continue Reading

Melodramatic Reading Goal Talk :D

For some insane reason, I gave myself 9 books to read in January. >.< In my defense, most of the books are shorter or easier to read. And also in my defense, I actually originally wrote down 8 books, and that’s the goal I have posted by my desk, so really, I don’t have to… Continue Reading