Let’s Talk About Being A Miserable Writer

All right. I’ve tried four times now to write this post without it being super long, so let’s try a different approach. 😀 For starters, I changed projects and signed it up for NaNoWriMo. I’m not typically a fast starter, so this might not go well, but I’m doing a rewrite, like a complete, from… Continue Reading

Am I A Book Addict Yet?

Earlier this month I went through my Amazon cart. For most people, this isn’t a big ordeal. Maybe you have ten things in there. Maybe you have fifty. I had three hundred and thirty items in my cart. Yeah. 330. For one thing, scrolling through this many items is tedious as hell. So I wouldn’t.… Continue Reading

September Reads: 2019

Happy October! 😀 You guys. This was such a great month for reading. I just can’t. I’m so happy. ^_^ But I’ll stop gabbing because I finished 11 books this month and have stuff to say! 😀 41: The Poison Diaries Author: Jane, The Duchess of Northumberland Genre: Horror Rating: 4 stars Reviewed: No This… Continue Reading