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Cover Reveal: House of Falling Embers Edition

GUYS!! ^_^ It’s cover reveal day!!  Every cover experience is different. With my first and third books, I knew exactly what I wanted. With my second book, I had a few clear ideas to bounce off my cover designer. But this time, I had no idea. I Googled something along the lines of “book covers… Continue Reading

Writing Anniversaries & Official Blurb Unveiling

July is anniversary month at The Narcissistic Rose Café for two reasons: One: It’s the month designated for celebrating my first completed novel – not because it’s the actual month I finished – I actually have no idea when that was – but I remember working on it the summer of 1996, and I know… Continue Reading

Indie Publishing Update

It’s been a while since my last publishing update, so it’s update time! 😀 First, my KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited) Experience. To start, launching in KU versus enrolling post launch, in my experience, resulted in a whole lot more page reads. That said, there is a 30 day drop off across the board, unless the… Continue Reading