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Talking About Author Tube

Some of you may know that I have a YouTube channel. If you didn’t know, Hi, I have a YouTube Channel. Here’s a link. 😛

When I first started making videos, I intended for it to mostly be an extension of this blog, with random videos of other things along the way as the mood struck. I never get sick of talking about writing. Even when I was burned out, I didn’t struggle to keep the blog going. I struggled to talk about my work, for obvious reasons, but I didn’t struggle to talk in general. In fact, I have a huge backlog of posts, so there’s no shortage of writing related nonsense in my brain.

Anywho, after a few months of making videos, I cut back on writing-related content on my channel. One reason was because I was burnt out and didn’t want to talk about the nothing I was doing. But the other reason was because I freaked myself out. How? you ask. Well, I’m insecure sometimes, you guys. I know I sound really arrogant most days, and I totally can be, but I wasn’t used to talking about my work outside of this blog and with friends and family, so it was awkward, and also, I had JUST published my book. I wasn’t used to my new tag as an indie author, so I immediately translated that awkwardness to mean that it wasn’t okay to talk about writing on my channel. I thought talking about what I was working on and just talking about writing in general, would come across as “sellsy.” Or whatever.

So, I started taking breaks from my channel because I didn’t know what to film. I made more bookish content. And I love books, of course, but I didn’t always want to make bookish content, and most of the time, I didn’t even know what to talk about.

However, I can ALWAYS talk about writing. There’s always something to say!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I watched an IngramSpark hardcover unboxing video, and whenever I find a new channel I like, I watch a bunch of their older videos and decide if I want to subscribe or not. When I first found “AuthorTube,” it was mostly writing advice. I’m not interested in basic writing advice, but I did subscribe to a couple of people who at least didn’t always do “advice” videos.

So after I watched the unboxing, thanks to the side-bar (ahaha), I discovered all these other channels of people talking about writing! Sometimes they’re dishing out advice, but mostly they’re just talking about their journeys and sharing things that work for them and talking about how their projects or going or how they schedule writing into busy days, and it goes on and on. And I just found this so fascinating. And at the time, I couldn’t remember why I wasn’t making more writing-related content on my own channel.

I was actually on a channel break at the time for two reasons: 1 – I had a bunch of poetry stuff to do and needed something off my plate so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself and burn out again, and two – I wasn’t happy. Making videos was so fun at first, and it had become a chore. I didn’t want to talk about recent books I’d read after talking about them on my blog. And also, I’d keep new books I’d bought on my couch for weeks, waiting until I felt like filming a book haul when really I just wanted to to log them into a spreadsheet and throw them on the shelf. And then I had to remember what ebooks I bought or any ARCs I couldn’t stop myself from picking up, and I know that sounds stupid, but when you’re stressed, you think stupid things.

Anyway, I uploaded a video on Monday, talking about this exact same topic – first video upload since the end of March. Because it turns out, I don’t mind rehashing topics when it comes to writing! 😀

Obviously, this post varies, but the takeaway is: I’m going to post whatever content I want on the channel, because otherwise, why am I there? It’s too much work if I’m not having fun. And if someone thinks I’m trying to sell my book, fine. I do want to sell my books! They’re fantastic, and they’re out there. I’m not forcing them on anyone. I just want to talk about writing!

Also, I’m comfortable with my indie author label now thanks to the passage of time, and also thanks in part to indie authortubers like The Courtney Project and others, as well as hybrid writers like AG Howard who has traditionally published YA but also self-publishes NA paranormals. 🙂

Okay, I’m done. Lol!