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Writing & Marketing & Overwhelm

Last week, I had no less than 75 tabs open across all of my devices. It might go without saying, but I was past the point where this was stressing me out.

You might be wondering what all these tabs were. A few were things like my WordPress feed that I leave open every day or tabs I didn’t need open anymore and just forgot to close. Most were publishing and marketing articles, and honestly, the vast majority of them were not even helpful.

To minimize future stress, the number of tabs allowed open on my computer going forward is 15, and the max on my mobile devices is 7. Trust me, compared to what I had, this looks close to nothing. To further minimize stress, I’ve decided to stop reading publishing and marketing articles for the time being. I get enough information from the publishing podcasts I check in on. I can’t handle anymore information right now. Or more tabs open on my browsers. I’m working my way down to 7 across the board. 😶

In marketing news, you may or may not have heard that Goodreads will be charging $119 per book, per giveaway, as of Jan 9th. On one hand, I can afford to run a giveaway once or twice a year. I can switch to ebook giveaways, which would help offset the costs of printing and shipping. I’d be able to give more books away. But on the other hand, I question the worth of the program in general. The truth is, when you’re a newly published writer, especially of the indie variety, it’s very hard to get people to care about your book. Most marketing efforts, including giveaways, have a poor ROI at this stage. But what are you guy’s honest opinions about it? Should it be part of the launch plan for Book Three?

I’ve pretty much decided to try NetGally through Xpresso Book Tours’ co-op or whatever it’s called. It’s far less expensive than trying to sign up myself. And less stressful. I have to keep in mind how much everything is going to cost as a whole. I might be rolling in writer dough one day, but I have two books out. I’m not rolling in any kind of dough right now.

I need to make final decisions soon. April 3rd 😀 is around the bend, and I need this stuff figured out by the end of January so I can make early preparations and shift my focus to my top secret duology. 😛

Of course, anything I do is going to make me nervous. Especially since I once again have a story on my hands that’s very different from the previous one, and “they” tell you not to do that. (FYI – Books four and five will also be different.) But all my books are dark, fantastical, and fictional, so it’s under a similar umbrella to me. 😀 Plus, I did find one author who said not to worry about stuff like that when you’re a newly published author, because no one cares. Hearing from him that I didn’t need to write a series OR worry about marketing was a huge relief, because he’s a millionaire and lives on a yacht now. 😀

In writing news, I’m struggling to edit. Of course line edits are always so much fun (cough*cough), but it’s not that. It’s because it’s December, and I always have a rough time motivating myself when I’m cold. I just want to curl up on the couch with popcorn and Netflix. In any case, I’m forcing myself to do a chapter a day. Eventually, I’ll start to actually enjoy myself, regardless of warmth level.

I was also slowed down because I had to start my outline over from scratch last week, but I rather start over now then have a mess on my hands later. It’s not a big deal. The character told me where to start the story and what the backstory was with her and this guy, and I didn’t follow the timeline regarding that for some reason. So, I had to go back and redo it. I almost put this story aside again, because like I said, motivation is LOW, but the MC, who’d been taking a nap, temporarily woke up and gently bit my head off to get me back on the right path. ^_^ Love her so much. 💜

So, I’m slowly working on keeping the general overwhelm to a minimum, but the struggle is real. 🙂

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