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Recently Read Rant

Guys, I finished a contemporary romance on Monday, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t read one 15 years or something. It’s called November 9, and it’s left me feeling depressed and uninspired. I haven’t wanted to write since picking it up. I have written. I just feel like everything’s been terrible.

I think I found my Achilles heel. My kryptoninte. Drainer of my soul.

Okay, I’m waxing dramatic, but I was mopey and angry afterwards. Now, granted, contemporary romance is not my thing. And it’s not a bad book. It’s well-written and the story had an interesting format that I’ve never seen before. I didn’t have a problem with any of the characters. The ended was your typical happy ending. Yet…I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t satisfied.

My theory is that I just need more in a book than relationship drama. My second theory is that I just may not like this particular story. In any case, when I read, I like to be taken on a ride, and I wasn’t, so I had to deal with the storm cloud it put over my head.

I haven’t been this upset after a book since I read something that was actually bad. I moped around all day, questioning my life choices. I felt empty inside. The most exciting part of the book was from a poem a character wrote. “In her darkness, she is silent. In my darkness, she screams.” Those two lines were way too exciting for me, confirming my suspicions that I just can’t hack angsty romance. Which is bad because I’m currently in the middle of another one. But whatever.

You might ask why I picked this up. Well, it has all these great reviews on Amazon. I was curious, and I’ve been wanting to branch out some with my reading. Apparently, I’ve branched out too far. This book upset me the same way rom-coms upset me. I hate when people fight in books and movies and the whole thing could be avoided if one of them would stop being unreasonable and just LISTEN to the other person for once. Miscommunication is so irritating. Like have an original thought, much? Like, figure out an ACTUAL reason for people to fight, much?! If I loved someone, I would at least hear them out. End rant.

Look, in the deepest part of my walled up soul, I like romance. I like bookish romances. They can be a lot fun, and I’m guilty of getting excited when two people with great chemistry finally make out. I love romantic tension. What I’m mad about is the fact that I spent a good week reading a book that had no plot outside of the relationship. I spent a week reading a book that 100% killed my momentum and inspiration and left me drained and moody and craving something dark.

Hopefully I’ll like this other romance better, but I added something dark to my TBR to keep myself sane.

I just needed to talk about this okay. Like, I know I’m weird, so I completely understand why so many people love this book. It’s just so not up my alley to the point I felt actually bad.

I’m still determined to branch out with some thrillers and historicals that I’ve been wanting to read. And like I said, I am reading another contemporary romance, and I will finish it, most likely. Maybe November 9 just wasn’t exciting enough for me. After all, all they did was talk and pet each other. Maybe it just numbed my brain a little.

Okay, rambling over.

Writing update: I’m about 36k into the story I’m working on, same story I’ve been working on since last month. Ha. I totally lost focus after a big scene I’d been looking forward to. It was fabulous! But I think I’m back on track.

Release Day Party: Whisper!

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