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Staying Focused and Such

One day, people, one day I will get through an entire novel without having some kind of crisis. Yes? I’ll wait patiently over there while you laugh hysterically. So, here’s what happened. Long story short, it’s because I don’t have an outline for this story. Usually, by this point in the process, I have a… Continue Reading

Stories Are Red, Stories Are Blue…

Also known as the melodramatic journey to deciding what project to work on next. 😛 It all started last summer. Lol! I was working on WHISPER (whispers: coming out in 2.5 weeks), and in true me fashion, I was like, “must pick next project NOW,” you know, to keep the insane momentum going that wasn’t… Continue Reading

Random Writer Stuff

The Top Secret Trilogy is a Top Secret Duology again. Ha… So, I got confused. In my defense, I’ve never committed to writing a duology or trilogy or quadrilogy before. It was always, “we’ll see.” And well, I saw and the answer was no. The confusion with this project happened because book one is in… Continue Reading