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Adventures In Formatting A Poetry Book

Guys, I was in FORMATTING HELL last week!! Poetry is a beast messily slain for I had dull spears to fight with. 😛 One dull spear being the editing one, because I have legit never really edited poetry in my life. Sure, I sometimes change a line or two, but I’ve never rewritten that crap… Continue Reading

Once Upon An Actual Writing Update

So…it’s true. I’ve been writing. pause for cheers and applause and bouquets of flowers being thrown onto the stage. If you’ve noticed the side bar, or the footer bar if you’re on mobile, then you might have seen that I’m working on two projects. Well, three projects counting the poetry book. I’m actually juggling projects… Continue Reading

Poetry Update

GUYS! I read over the poems again, and I’m much happier with the collection than I was expecting! 😀 I went through everything with a broom first. Next is a vacuum. Then a fine-toothed comb. Then a second opinion. Then I’ll read through it again and start organizing it. And after it’s organized, I’ll read… Continue Reading