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Poem: “Hope” (What Do I Dare To Dream)

This week’s poem is another lovely original by me. Since I’ve gotten back into poetry, inspiration strikes at the most random and mundane of times. I’m trying to be less scared about posting stuff. Poetry and song lyrics have to be the only writing mediums in my life I don’t edit. Unless I think of… Continue Reading

To This Day: Video Poem

It’s poetry week again! I want to share with everyone one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever heard…To This Day by Canadian Poet & Author Shane Koyczan. If you haven’t heard this yet, this poem is the anthem for his anti-bullying campaign: To This Day Project. Shane Koyczan is an amazing poet. He travels… Continue Reading

Poem: Where is My Atlantis?

I’ve decided, if I remember, that once a month, the last Thursday of each month, will be poetry week. Sometimes my own if I can dig something interesting up. I used to love poetry. I’ve gotten away from it over it years. Lately, I’ve been getting back into it again. I wrote this a few… Continue Reading

February Blog Chain: Evil Cupid

This month’s AbsoluteWrite’s Blog Chain theme: Suggest-A-Prompt. Since Charity is before me, she picked my topic: Evil Cupid Next Up: I suggest Hunting with Hounds ^_^ See the bottom of this post for previous and upcoming Suggest-A-Prompt blog chain posts! Evil Cupid Cupid’s not a fat, pink baby He’s an old and cranky man. His… Continue Reading