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Dance of the Bumblebee…

Hey Folks! Today I want to share some poems that were inspired by a forthcoming WIP: The Shades of My Shadow. It has rather dark themes, and is, hands down, going to be the darkest story I have ever written. It’s also leaning toward the most realistic, but I won’t know how heavy my supernatural… Continue Reading

Poem: For A While…

It’s poetry week again at The Narcissistic Rose Cafe! Lol! Today’s poem was inspired while I was trying to watch the movie “Blood & Chocolate” (based on the novel of the same name by Annette Curtis Klause). It’s a decent book and movie if you’re into werewolves. I was thinking about the pack leader Gabriel… Continue Reading

Poem: “Hope” (What Do I Dare To Dream)

This week’s poem is another lovely original by me. Since I’ve gotten back into poetry, inspiration strikes at the most random and mundane of times. I’m trying to be less scared about posting stuff. Poetry and song lyrics have to be the only writing mediums in my life I don’t edit. Unless I think of… Continue Reading