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Quitter Diaries + Cover Reveal (Whisper Edition)

GUYS!! LOL! So, I have some thoughts I wanted to chat about today. Last month, just a couple of weeks ago, I had a moment. I was tired. I was cold. I didn’t want to edit. I didn’t even want to write anymore. This wasn’t brought on by anything in particular. Editing was going well.… Continue Reading

Author Interview: Kristen Martin!

Hey Guys! Today I have an interview with author Kristen Martin on the blog today. A little bit about Kristen: She lives in Southeast Texas, and she’s the author of THE ALPHA DRIVE Trilogy (YA Dystopian) and the forthcoming SHADOW CROWN Series (YA Dark Fantasy). Information on where to find her on social media and… Continue Reading

All the Times I Quit: Storytime

Also known as “the art of feeling really bad about your writing self.” In honor of Insecure Writers Support Group day, I’m going to post about my confidence issues. I don’t officially participate in the hop, but I happen to want to talk about my writer insecurity today. Also, the question this month asked if… Continue Reading

Brick Walls & Writer’s Blockage

Mileage varies on what it takes to get a story from conception to the end. Some people need to plot for weeks and weeks and others can start running right out of the gate. Some people, like myself, are consistently inconsistent, but it largely takes me a year or two to have something ready to… Continue Reading