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Get Yer Writer’s Fuel: Conference Highlights

Have you ever been to writing conference and came back all pumped up to write? Hopefully, if you’ve been to a conference, you have! And that’s exactly how I felt after this year’s Third Annual Creative Writer’s Conference of Middle Tennessee! After the first conference, I came back to writing all pumped up and ready… Continue Reading

Pep Talking

You have a unique perspective. Take 50 writers and put them in the a room with one objective: to write a romance between a lime and a raspberry, and you will get 50 wildly different stories. Will some of these stories have common themes? Of course they will, but YOU are the ONLY one who… Continue Reading

Hope for Forever

It used to be really puzzling to me how people could keep working on a story version after version, headache after headache, rejection after rejection — because for the longest time, I never did that. In the early writing days, I never actually tried to make anything better. I didn’t see the point. Story crap?… Continue Reading

“Fail Better Next Time”

Middle Tennessee Writer’s Conference 2013 The last Saturday in September I had the privilege of going to my first ever Writer’s Conference on the MTSU campus sponsored by MTSU’s very own non-degree creative writing program: The Writer’s Loft. The itinerary included a energetic poet, an awesome historian, a quirky playwright, and two successful fiction writers.… Continue Reading