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A Tear for the Strong One

Every so often I run across a book review that beats to the drum of, “She’s running around thinking about boys and crying. I thought she was strong. She’s so fracking weak!!” Let’s get this one thing straight. Falling in love doesn’t make your character weak. It takes strength to fall in love. Second, strength… Continue Reading


Can I just say that every single writer is different? I mean yeah, we have wonderfully rat packy stuff in common with each other. But every single little thing that’s best for one writer…well, you know how the rest of this sentence goes. Let’s throw down some examples, cause I love them. ^_^ FOR EXAMPLE…not… Continue Reading

Screw the Rules!!

First and foremost: THERE ARE NO RULES IN WRITING! There are only grammar and spelling rules. And frankly, that is for the benefit of the reader. After all, I don’t know anyone who actually likes to get a headache trying to figure out what something says. For the longest, longest time, I was the only… Continue Reading

The Pre-NaNoWriMo Party Post & Post-Reading Freak Out

The Pre-Party & Mock Cover Pimp First on the agenda, here are the two best (of 10) mock covers I made for my NaNoWriMo story, a supernatural/horror with a mentally defunct MC, courtesy of and ^_^ The original artwork are both by this awesome artist seen here: My Solitary Ground. I was so lucky… Continue Reading