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Limbo, Limbo, Limbo

I’ll be honest. I love editing! And you know why? Because I’m done with the story, that’s why! ^_^ For me, drafting the story is like an apartment on moving day. Everything is all a mess. There’s crap all over the floor. The walls are bare. So I love unpacking and putting up all my stuff,… Continue Reading

The Great Description Debate

It seems like there are some posts that come up a dozen times a month on the writing boards: prologues, description, writing rules, the best POV to write in. There is no right answer for any of these things. The most successful authors in the world break all the “rules” for example (Stephen King), have prologues… Continue Reading

My Writing Process Blog Hop!

Historical Fiction writer Ruth Hull Chatlien and the awesome Tonja Drecker both tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Hop! 1) What am I working on? A Dark YA Fantasy set in near future Bar Harbor, Maine. Or maybe it’s Paranormal…yeah, it doesn’t matter. 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? Because… Continue Reading