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On Blogger Burnout

This is something I’ve seen a lot since I started blogging. A writer makes a commitment to blog every single day or only about a certain topic. Then a month later, they’ve fallen off the face of blogosphere. Where did they go? Will we ever see them again? There are a lot reasons for this.… Continue Reading

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Anyone who’s ever been in the query trenches knows that there’s a lot of waiting when it comes to the publishing world. Waiting on query replies. Waiting to hear back on manuscript requests. Waiting to go on submission. Waiting to hear news from going on submission. Waiting. It can be super tempting to check your… Continue Reading

Writing Moments That Drive Me Crazy

1 – Being in the middle of an exciting scene and having to go to the bathroom. 2 – Being in the middle of an exciting scene, reaching for my glass of water, and finding it empty! (Can I get a water fountain hooked up to my desk, please?) 3 – When someone’s name is… Continue Reading

Best of the Best

I’ve already talked about The Book that inspired my love of all things dark and twisty.┬áHere are some other books that I would be nowhere without. The books that influenced me as a writer more than anything else. FEAR STREET This was my gateway book to the master of cheesy horror, the one and only… Continue Reading