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That Time I Decided That Brainstorming Is The Best Thing Ever!

As you know, last week was Thanksgiving here in the US!! I got to see my favorite uncle and cousins, the only time of year I get to see them, and it’s always awesome. 😀 This year I got into a discussion about characterization and YA novels with one of my cousins, who’s like 22 now!… Continue Reading

Get Yer Writer’s Fuel: Conference Highlights

Have you ever been to writing conference and came back all pumped up to write? Hopefully, if you’ve been to a conference, you have! And that’s exactly how I felt after this year’s Third Annual Creative Writer’s Conference of Middle Tennessee! After the first conference, I came back to writing all pumped up and ready… Continue Reading

The Panels of UtopYA Con 2014

The first one I went to was Expand Your Universe: A How-to Workshop for Newbies & Introverts #ExpandYourClump. Out of everyone in the room, guess who gets singled out? Yeah. Me. I’m terrified of people, y’all, but it’s cool. Lol! They offered some helpful tips on things to say when you meet an author you like… Continue Reading