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Tripping Down Shakespearean Lane

Today I want to chat a little bit about the creative literary genius known as William Shakespeare – one of the finest poets to ever walk the earth. One of the things I love most about him was his ability to weave hidden commentary in just about everything he wrote. The comedy The Taming of Shrew for example… Continue Reading

That Time I Decided That Brainstorming Is The Best Thing Ever!

As you know, last week was Thanksgiving here in the US!! I got to see my favorite uncle and cousins, the only time of year I get to see them, and it’s always awesome. 😀 This year I got into a discussion about characterization and YA novels with one of my cousins, who’s like 22 now!… Continue Reading

Get Yer Writer’s Fuel: Conference Highlights

Have you ever been to writing conference and came back all pumped up to write? Hopefully, if you’ve been to a conference, you have! And that’s exactly how I felt after this year’s Third Annual Creative Writer’s Conference of Middle Tennessee! After the first conference, I came back to writing all pumped up and ready… Continue Reading