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The Pool of Companion Novels

It’s established that I’m not a series kind of writer. I’m also not a companion novel kind of writer. That said, I do have some linked ideas in the pot now that I would love to write, and if I get the first one off the ground, it’ll be that much easier, I think, to write and link the rest. So, that’s what I’m going to try and explain to myself today. Haha.

The first story is called “Once There Was Chaos.” I’ve mentioned it before in a setting fairy post, I think. It’s part horror story, part fairy tale I made up in the car one day. I have a lengthy spiel on my voice recorder app of me whispering it into my phone one night before I fell asleep. The date says September 26, 2014. I have no idea why I was whispering, but it’s funny. The funnest part of this is what I came up with later that was inspired by this. In the fairy tale, I created a sorceress that turned evil after some calamity. In trying to get rid of the sorceress, I came up with the concept for a medieval historical fantasy idea I’m calling “Deliver Us From Chaos.” So far that has gone nowhere, but I have the entire story in my head. Maybe I can pull it together now that I know who certain people are and how they relate to the overall world of stories involved.

Anywho, I took inspiration from that for a story called “The Prince of Illusion” that I’m now calling “Prince of Chaos” (a title my sister hates, but whatever) which is a kind of sort of extra twisted “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” retelling/reimagining thing. I’ve waited about two years now for some other main character to show up for this story. I’ve only recently accepted that it’s just him, and well, let’s just say he’s a terrible person. (He’s so gorgeous though!) It’ll be super fun trying to making him readable. I’m still not 100% comfortable, but he’s charming and I like him. Challenge accepted. 😉

Really, none of the main characters in this group are decent, but he’s the one I’m most leery about, because he’s a bit sociopathic and has the fewest redeeming qualities.

Well, my brain got carried away, and while that was baking, I got an idea for a story called “Cry Wolf” that I tried to write last year. That was never going to work the way I was going to tell it. I’ve since fixed the problem, but as I was trying to fix it originally, I came up with the concept for “Once There Was Chaos.” Full circle. 🙂

One day I was thinking, “what if I did write all of these stories?!” It would depend on how well I pull off the plot in “Once There was Chaos” since that would be “Book One.” I’m starting to feel really optimistic about the whole thing though. The first story is set in a wealthy suburb of Nashville. I’m not sure what story would be next, but I’m thinking maybe “Prince of Chaos” which will be set in Nashville. Also part of the “franchise” would be “Cry Wolf: a Chaos novel” which will be set in the boonies of Tennessee somewhere, not far from Nashville, maybe two hours. I haven’t set a story on my own turf in about 20 years, so I’m pretty excited about it. Then “Deliver Us From Chaos” would be last, a prequel, possibly a novella, which would work better for me as historical settings are not my forte. That would be set in medieval Denmark, possibly.

They’re all separate stories, but they all have a common thread running through them and a couple of characters in common. “Book One” and the novel/novella prequel would have the most in common. And the main characters in “Cry Wolf” and “Prince of Chaos” both have ancestry from the small village in Denmark that the prequel takes place in. I already have tentative endings for both of those stories and a solid ending for “Once There Was Chaos.” “Deliver Us From Chaos” doesn’t have a clear ending right now because I had to change it once I knew who everyone was. No rush though because, if I write it, it’s going to be last in the series anyway.

Just some live brainstorming for the blog today. ^_^

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