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Poetry and Such

GUYS! 😀 I has news!

…kinda, sorta, whatever, dontlookatme. >.<

So, you may or may not know that around two and a half years ago I had half a mind to publish a book of poems. I never set a deadline for this project, and it was quite easy to push aside, but I did expect to publish it one day. And well…I’m crazy close to my goal.

As of this posting, I have the 100 or so poems I wanted, and I don’t know if they’ll all make the final cut, but I’m trying not to be paranoid about it. If I cut something, I want it to be because of flow, not because I’m trying to hide my crazy, you know.

It’s a collection of darker poetry (duh) – some fairytale stuff, some fantasy, some mythology, a few Shakespeare-inspired stuff, a lot of psycho-rants, and some fun stalker poetry, because it’s totally okay to stalk someone in a poem. I’m including things I’ve posted on this blog, along with poems I’ve written for stories, poems adapted from song lyrics, and a random couple of things from high school and college that I still like. And new stuff, of course. You know, whatever kind of crazy stuff that goes through my head when I’m upset, happy, or bored. There’s a lot of crazy on the page, obviously, because it’s me, but I’m okay with someone reading it and thinking I’m insane. Story of my life.

So…as nervous as it makes me to say anything about my poetry, I’m putting a poetry book out in August. The 13th. This year. 2019.

I’m quite self-conscious about it. Poems aren’t like stories. I mean, some of them are, but I’m pretty confident (most days) that I’m a good storyteller, if nothing else. But whatever. I think the poems are great, because I think everything I do is great all the time. 😛

Of course, if anyone actually reads it, I’ll die. Or maybe I just feel this way because I read through what I have over the weekend, and it’s actually going to happen now. Though I read my poetry and laugh – quite similar to the response I have when I read any story I write. As strange as it sounds, if I’m laughing, it means I like it. So…I have my own approval, at least. >.<

There is no title, currently, because my sister laughs at everything and titles are hard. And I have no idea how to write a blurb for a poetry book or format verses or organize these things! But I wanted to get this out in the open, because I’ve been dreading talking about it (haha), but now that it’s almost done (kind of), and it’s the only thing I’m publishing this year, I wanted to say something because I know you’ll all be super excited about it. 🙂

I’ve also been hesitating saying that I’m not publishing any fiction this year. But…I’m not, and I actually made the decision way back in October or something. I was just pissy about it, because I wanted to, and at the same time, I knew I needed a break, and well, I hate taking writing breaks.

So, while I’m still working on the Pinewood Falls story – and being so freaking slow about it – I’ll also be working on getting my poetry together, because I would like a book of my poems on my shelf. ^_^

Okay, ramble over. Hope your year is going well thus far! ^_^



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