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Random Writing Thoughts

Hello! ^_^

In my entire life, I have never failed to finish a project I wanted to finish. Never. In my life. And it’s probably because I sometimes force myself to sit down and write. If I’m on the “right” project I don’t have to force the writing, but I often have to force myself to sit down and do it, or it just doesn’t get done. Part of how I keep up with things is with a planner.

Sometimes, having a long to-do list stresses me out, until I remember that it’s self-imposed, and I don’t actually have to do any of it. But I’ve been going back and forth on rather putting writing on my planner is beneficial. Ultimately, I decided it’s more helpful to have goals than not. Because when I’m stressed, I can just ignore them, and then I’ll also have proof of how often I’m ignoring them.

With this in mind, I went planner shopping. I know. It’s September. But I take so long to make a decision sometimes. This current year, I’m using a business planner, and honestly, it’s not very beneficial for the realm I’m in. The entire planner is only about 20% relevant, and that number is likely inflated.

Previously, I used an Erin Condren Planner, but literally none of their options work for me. They’re nice, but I end with too much space or not enough of the right kind of space. I tried vertical and horizontal layouts, doesn’t matter. I thought about Bullet Journaling, but the thought of doing all of that drawing every week stressed me out. Unnecessary stress. Lol! I know I was being picky, but I thought, surely there’s something out there that will work for me, something I could customize so I didn’t have to write in what I wanted every week or be stuck with giant blocks that didn’t work for me. Sometimes I end up with too much to do because I feel compelled to fill the extra space. >.< This is where being stubborn is a good thing. I don’t quit. I looked on Amazon, at Target, office supply stores, all those typical suspects. But I really wanted a spiral-bound planner, because I like that so much better, and I really didn’t want blocks of space that I didn’t need. Finally, I find Plum Paper online, and they have three sizes, multiple layouts, and there are multiple customization options! Like…you guys don’t even know. I was ecstatic. ^_^

I did try not using a planner, but then I felt unorganized, and nothing was getting done, and I still needed a place to keep up with stuff, because my phone does not help. I only look at the calendar to see dates and give myself reminders to open a fresh pack of contacts, because I forget. For everything else, the phone doesn’t help. Having a physically planner that’s in my face every day has worked a lot better for me. So, I thought maybe my planner frustration was the planner I was using and not the fact that I had stuff I wanted to do…if that makes sense. I still struggle to balance putting too much stuff on the planner, but I think having a bit less space will help with that. Maybe. Plus, I’m going to try better organizing different kinds of things, which I can do with all the custom options on my soon-to-be new planner! Which I’m obviously too excited about. 😀

Before I run off, there’s a fun poetry interview up on The Sunflower Scribbles with yours truly. Go read. ^_^

Changing Projects For The 900th Time :D

Hi! (waves) So, I wanted to talk about why I changed projects. Again. For the 900th time. 😀 Exciting things happen in the “Phantom Silence” project, and I could make myself write it, but I don’t like “making” myself write, especially since I don’t have to. I wanted to write, so that wasn’t the problem.… Continue Reading