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Dance of the Queue Fairy

So, I mentioned last week, I think, how I’ve already picked out the story to follow “The Puppet Box.” If you happened to stroll through the sidebar or the Writing Projects Garden, you will have seen it already, one working title “Winter’s Siren” aka “Songbird.” 😀 Yeah, I know, after all the hoop-la I spit… Continue Reading

The Greater More Awesomer Creative Writer Personage

Recently, I got this vanity organizer thingie for my sink. I have this tiny bathroom right now, so all of my hair ties and clips and brushes and miniature beauty product samples (because I’m obsessed) were scattered all over the sink, and I never wanted to clean it because it was just too overwhelming to… Continue Reading

Contemporary What?!

Before I say anything else: GUESS WHO FINISHED THEIR STORY, YO! 1 a.m. Sunday night, can a girl get a high five! Party with the Dancing Kirby! (>’.’)> <(‘.'<) ^(‘.’^) (^’.’)^ And yes I did beat all kinds of records that I will probably never be able to beat again. Lol! Stats: 37k for the… Continue Reading

First Draft Complete!

OMG! It’s been 4 months in the making, almost to the exact day, but I’m done with my first draft and it came up at over 9,000 words longer than I was expecting. (This is a good thing.) happy dance oversized martini glass! I shamelessly had this delivered to myself today to commemorate my success.… Continue Reading