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Writer Life: Outlining & Worldbuilding

There are words on the page!!Β My official story notes are organized, and I has words on the page!! πŸ˜€

I finished the Neil Gaiman Masterclass, and the last few lessons really bolstered my spirit. ^_^ I decided to start tackling my notes, took me three days, and in the process, I started a document and got words on the page!

Basically, it’s either going to be good or it isn’t. That’s all I have to worry about. Or rather, not worry about. It fits my current philosophy on life about not making things too difficult. Instead of giving myself seven options, I give myself two. I can give myself two more from there if I need to, but it keeps things from getting out of control. I either want to write this story or I don’t. I do. So, no need to worry about it as there are only two ways it can turn out: great or mediocre. πŸ™‚

I know.

I’ve since started Natalie Portman’s acting class, because you never know what can help with your writing, and I’m actually finding it incredibly helpful. I feel like acting and building characters are similar skillsets. ^_^

Anyway, for a good couple of weeks, I was overwhelmed by all the notes I was taking, but at the same time, I felt more prepared. I feel like I have a lot less plot holes going into drafting land than I normally do. I don’t know every single little thing, but all the bases are definitely covered, plus stuff I never even think about. I have three maps, four if I count my terrible rendition of part of Europe that I want handy just in case I forget where Paris is and what countries flank France, and I was wrong until I looked it up. I basically had everything upside down. Haha.

But yeah, I just don’t feel like I’m fumbling. I have way more information than I need, and I’ve never been in this position before. Usually, I’m good with setting for the most part, because it’s modern day, more or less, set on earth with a supernatural underground. Normal stuff. πŸ˜›

However, I have some futuristic fantasies, and I really needed stronger worldbuilding skills to tackle them with confidence, and I have them now, and it wasn’t even that hard! Obviously, I needed someone to tell me what to do and what questions to ask and what not, but still. It’s amazing.

Also, yes, the story – still called “Tower” – is set in France. It probably didn’t have to be, but the idea tumbled out of my head that way, so why am I going to argue?

For a while now, I haven’t been outlining. I basically have some kind of flow chart of events: beginning, however many points in the middle I want to jot down, the ending, and then I “listen to my writer’s gut” from there. It’s been working out pretty well for me. I can start an outline at anytime – or what I call an outline, which is basically me making notes to myself about upcoming scenes in the same document I’m writing in. Haha. You’d think my organizer self wouldn’t like this, but I like it a lot. And I delete it when I’m done, and I don’t even care. I know some people like to keep up with their outline. We do what works for us.

So, I wanted to share! Because I’m excited. And all that notetaking was worth it. And the worldbuilding stuff was literally priceless. I feel like I can write high fantasy now! I feel like I can write historical fantasy now!

And it’s not just the world that feels stronger. Characterization feels stronger. The plot feels stronger. Sublplots are stronger! I don’t know what to do with my excitement, except use it as fuel. πŸ˜€

On a random note, I was sick all last week, and it’s just really, really nice not to be sick anymore. ^_^

Also, I saw Hamilton the musical last night. It’s fun. πŸ™‚

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