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AudioBook Chat

For years, I thought audiobooks were for businessmen and jet-setters – the people traveling all over the world for whatever reason. Too busy to relax or simply unable to sit down and read because they need to be in the car for seven hours.

Then I won an audiobook. This was around four years ago. In full disclosure, I didn’t listen to this book until earlier this year, I think February. It’s not that I didn’t try. I bought the ebook the day it came out, so excited because it’s a companion novel to one of my favorite books. In any case, I had a hard time getting into this particular book. It starts off with a girl sitting on a dock, getting plastered and taking to someone only she can she. Not as exciting as it might sound. Drunk girl was not drawing me in. So, I tried listening to the audiobook. I think I made it one chapter. While it wasn’t just the “voices.” that certainly didn’t help. The female narrator doing a low-pitched thing for the dudes, like, it wasn’t working for me.

Fast forward three and a half years. I bought a non-fiction book about astrophysics, and after I checked out, Amazon told me that I could get the audiobook for a discount, and I was like, that’s probably a good idea, right? The material will likely be a whole lot easier to understand if it’s read to me. I zone out in non-fiction sometimes. And I still zoned out a few times, because it’s just going to happen no matter how interesting the material is. BUT, it was a whole lot easier to get into than I thought. Plus, hearing the author talk at me like that was massively fun. And instead of reading two books at a time – physical and ebook – I could read three!! 😀

I know. Soo exciting, right?

After that, I decided to give my fiction audiobook another chance. The first chapter still wasn’t great, and I did not like the “voices” ever, but I did get used to them, and the book got a lot more interesting after that opening chapter, as well, which helped a lot.

I may or may not have mentioned that I sometimes read in the shower. Not physical books, no, but I do know a couple of people who do. Nope. I prop my phone up on the rack and I’ve gotten through a lot of books much faster this way. ^_^ I bring it up because I also listen to audiobooks in the shower. You might think that I’d be worried about my phone, but it’s water-resistant, so I’m absolutely not. LOL!

The main reason I started my audiobook journey with non-fiction is because of podcasts. I figured, podcasts can keep my attention. Surely, an audiobook can as well. 🙂 I’m currently listening to my second fiction audiobook ever, and fifth audiobook overall, and I have a good time. Going forward, I’m definitely going to try for at least a few audiobooks a year. Curling up with a physical book (or ebook – Lol!) is still magical and irreplaceable, but sometimes it’s just nice to have someone reading to you. It frees my hands up for driving or cooking or whatever. And it makes cooking more enjoyable!

Any audiobook fans out there?

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