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Personality Disorder

Firstly, there’s a fun WHISPER Interview up on Sunflower’s Blog. Go read it. ^_^

So, I’m an INTJ according to – This makes me an architect, “imaginative and strategic.” ^_^

When I first heard of the test, via my brother, out of a book, I think, I don’t remember exactly what I got. I think it was INTP (which doesn’t fit as well as INTJ, unfortunately and honestly – because INTJs are a mess) – but all I know for sure was that I was offended. I didn’t like being called an “introvert” back then, you see. I didn’t realize how awesome we are until someone sent me a list thingie online explaining to me what exactly it meant to be an “introvert.” I don’t remember who that was, but let’s just say it was a friend, a sibling, or the angel of music. 😛

I’m one of those people who like filling out forms and answering questions (tell me I’m not alone!!), so when I saw the online test, of course I was happy to retake it, especially since I couldn’t really remember what I had gotten the first time.

According to the site – these are my strengths and weaknesses: 🙂

(spelling is not one of them, apparently, took me three tries to spell strength)
Quick, Imaginative, Strategic Mind
– I completely agree. 😛

High Self-Confidence
– Somedays…some things…sometimes ^_^

Independent and Decisive
– This appears to be true. I’m not super decisive, but I can be. Almost recklessly so. Haha.

Hard-working and Determined
– With creative endeavors? Yes. And I can be on other things if I want to.

– Most signs will point to yes on this as well, for the most part.

– Haha – but really, this is totally true. I write stories. Do crafty stuff. I can sew a button on (which everyone can’t do apparently), AND I’ve made costumes from scratch. Plus, I can sing a little bit sometimes. And I can draw…it’s decent. Haha. Plus, I’ve taken computers apart and put them back together and they still worked great. I’m a good at decorating. I’m organized. I’m pretty awesome. LOL!

(what? me?)
– AHAHAHAHAAAA – This is true, though. People try to call me out on it sometimes, but ya know…I don’t care.

– Ummm (hides) Um….yeah, I’ll own up to that. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?! I prefer to say that I’m snotty. Which is much better.

Overly analytical
– Yes. The proof is all over this blog and just about every single other area of my life.

Loathe highly structured environments
– And what exactly is wrong with this? I’m a free spirit!! I don’t wanna be in no cage. 😛

Clueless in romance
– I’m offended. I’m going to quote a little bit from the site:

Having a new relationship last long enough for INTJs to apply the full force of their analysis on their potential partner’s thought processes and behaviors can be challenging. Trying harder in the ways that INTJs know best can only make things worse, and it’s unfortunately common for them to simply give up the search.

Why is it unfortunate to give up? No one has yet to give me a single good reason why I should care. I’m a romantic at heart – I love that crap, but in real life? No. Who has time for that? Only I will say, it does not take me that long to analyze someone (which may be part of the problem), because I’m insanely gifted in the art of analyzing people. (Was modesty on my list of strengths somewhere?) And yes, I do sometimes make people uncomfortable, and I love it. People rarely surprise me. The only times they can are if I’m not paying attention or (honestly) if I was being a “little” judgemental and didn’t properly analyze them to begin with (because COME ON, analyzing every single person I meet would be exhausting!!) – sometimes I just have to judge someone by the weird crap they’re wearing and move on. For my brain. ^_^

Have you ever taken the test? Tell me what you got so I can look it up and judge you. 😛

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