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WIPMarathon Report #5 (June)

Woot, woot! Last report wordcount + chapter count: 65961 words, Chapter 23 “The Fury” ^_^ Current report WC + CC: “The Fury” now known by it’s new title “Discord” = First Draft Done! and Editing = Currently about 7 chapters into round two. Also jotting down notes for a companion story to “Discord.” ^_^ WIP Issues This Month:… Continue Reading

WIPMarathon Report #3

Check-In Time!! ^_^ So this has been a fun month writing-wise. Lol! Lots of ups and downs. And I hate rollercoasters…except Batman. That is the only acceptable rollercoaster — all looping, no dramatic death drops. Last report wordcount + chapter count: Words! 8190 words, Chapter 3 on “The Fury” Also, outlining a sci-fi and a dark fantasy.… Continue Reading