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Formatting Tales + A Cover Reveal (The Elysian Prophesy)

Hey!! Dudes! After having a meltdown over formatting (haha), I finally used my brain and rewatched some of the YouTube videos I found so helpful last September. Because I was thinking, “Surely someone talked about formatting.” And they did! About the meltdown (bless my family, right?), I was trying to use a free trial of… Continue Reading

The DIY Publishing Diary: Volume Two

Diary: WEEK FIVE The productivity high wore off this week, leaving me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and like I hadn’t learned anything over the past month. This is when I decided to stop adding new things to read and do and just work with what I already had. This didn’t include articles, but it did include… Continue Reading

The DIY Publishing Diary: Volume One

Wassup, peeples! ^_^ So, it’s really happening! “No Rest for the Wicked” has a publication date of May 10, 2017! 😆 I was going to wait until fall, but it’s like, everything is on schedule to be done by March, so…why wait? Then I can put my next book out in the fall. 🙂 Two… Continue Reading

Official Announcement Time ^_^

Since I’m cataloging my writing journey here on The Narcissistic Rose, today I’m going to make an announcement about such journey. ^_^ It happened on a Friday. September 9th, 2016. I was going about my day (as people do), and an idea for a project just hit me, it would seem, quite suddenly and out of nowhere.… Continue Reading