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New Project Talk: Experimenting Edition

If you’ve been around The Narcissistic Rose Café for a while, you know how much I love experimenting!! I like to tag entries like this with a “closet mad scientist” moniker. 😀

I have a number of projects in the plot bunny field that are straight up experiments. Before I can get to them without freaking myself out, however, I have to first write a book that has some familiar elements mixed with less familiar elements. A kind of a bridge, let’s say.

Like, before I could write something like WINTER’S SIREN, I had to get my writing back on track with NO REST FOR THE WICKED, because I was a-wandering, and I was not a-having fun.

The current project I’m working on has several scenes that take place in the past. Like the late 1500s past. Originally, to the surprise of no one, I freaked the hell out, got lost in a research hole, and quit. I was doing research on food, in case someone needed to eat something, and I decided, who the eff cares, it’s a coastal city, they’ll just eat fish and rice and cucumber sandwiches if comes up. Then I researched poison, so I would know what was logically available and how fast someone would die if they were poisoned with it, and then I decided, who the eff cares, I’m not even going to name the poison anyway, because the poison I picked has a very unsexy name.

Then I researched royalty, in case I needed to know who was king of different countries in 1579, and it turns out I don’t need to know. Then nobility, because I wanted to understand the family’s position in society, which I didn’t need to know either, because I’m going to have to make up a bunch of stuff anyway. Geography and weather, so I would know where I was and whether it was cold or not, and this didn’t matter because the temperature is just going to be breezy anyway. And then I did research on dogs, just in case one showed up in the past, I wanted it to make sense, so like, no fox hunting dogs, for example, because these people don’t hunt foxes, and if I’m remembering correctly, there aren’t even foxes in that country. This and the poison research are probably the only things I’m using, IF a freaking dog even shows up.

Non-spoiler alert: I found the perfect dog though! An Estrela Mountain dog. So pretty. They were used as guard dogs, so if one shows up, it makes perfect sense. >.<

Despite the research tripping me up, stalling the story, and stressing me out (haha), I get do something I have never done before. I’ve written stories with scenes in the distant past before, that’s actually not new.

I’m talking about writing science fiction! I keep calling this a paranormal sci-fi or fantasy sci-fi, but it’s probably closer to being a sci-fi with magic in it. Now, space-based science fiction is not my thing. It’s not that I find them boring. I actually think they’re really interesting, in movies. In books, I’m just lost. Like, I tried to read one a couple years ago. I couldn’t. It was interesting, but I didn’t know where I was. And I felt like I should have a clue as to where I am after two chapters. Like, was I in outer space in a satellite house? On another planet? On a weird version of earth? I had no idea! But I can always see where I am in a movie.

My sci-fi ideas, however, are all earth-based. And even though the current project is probably sci-fi, it feels very familiar. I have a main character with abilities, just like in a lot of other paranormal and contemporary fantasies that I’ve written.

I did start the first chapter over after dragging through it for what feels like a month. The energy of it just wasn’t right in my head. It’s amazing the difference perception makes.

So, all this to say, I’m writing a book with sci-fi elements and magic in it, and it’s crazy and wild and weird, but like everything I write, it’s a ride, and it’s fun. And I can’t believe I’m doing this. ^_^

Also, I just realized that my poetry book comes out next month. I keep thinking it’s still a couple of months away.

Once Upon An Actual Writing Update

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