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Release Day Party: Whisper!

To celebrate the release of my third book baby 😀 I decided to make a list of some things I made notes for that never made it into the book. 😀

One: Wallace Enterprises
I had planned a rivalry between Wallace Enterprises and Xacharias Corp from the start. It was always a side plot, but it was one that stressed Jade’s father out a whole lot and was the source of some of his snippiness. When I actually got into the story, though, he was snippy for an entirely different reason, and Wallace Enterprises only gets a tiny, tiny mention in a scene where Jade is describing something she saw to another character and what she saw was in the alley between Xacharias Corp and Wallace Enterprises. Wow.

Two: Pet Rat
This wasn’t an actual pet. I had wanted Jade to purposely leave crumbs out for the office rats, just to piss her dad off. By the time I actually got around to writing this story, though, that plot point no longer felt natural and I no longer thought it was a cute personality trait to feed rats. Undomesticated rats are disgusting and mean and leave giant rat turds everywhere, in case you didn’t know. Plus, her father would never allow a rat infestation to happen in his shiny, shiny building.

Three: Music
In the YA version of the story, Jade would play music to block out the voice in her head when it started speaking to her again. However, in my head, I always saw the voice as having gone silent during most of her teenage years. This resulted in the YA version not “feeling right,” causing me to revert back to the original NA. As such, music now plays a much smaller role with Jade only referencing how much she used to play and playing very little in the actual story.

Four: Sibling Feud
Back in the early days of me getting my too many notes together, Jade and her twin brother Jerod didn’t actually get along, though they both always got along with their older brother. When I started writing, however, she and Jerod got along great in both NA and YA versions. As it would stand, her actually liking both of her brothers made the story a whole lot better, especially since it wasn’t a feud insomuch as Jade just being bitter and keeping it to herself while Jerod was completely oblivious.

Five: Violent Outbursts
In the original notes, Jade was actually pretty violent and angry. When I finally sat down and talked to her, however, she was a lot more withdrawn, having been beaten down by the past more than enraged by it, which actually made a lot more sense and better matched the way I saw her in my head. When the story starts, she isn’t actually used to tapping into her feelings, having chosen to focus more on keeping the stress at bay as a way of controlling her symptoms.


Jade has been hearing voices since she was five. No, not voices. One voice.

After her twin brother is appointed vice president of their father’s company at the old age of twenty-two, the family starts falling apart. Her parents hate each other. Her brother is stressed. His girlfriend is a gold-digger if Jade’s ever seen one. And worse yet, it turns out she isn’t crazy—the voice in her head is real.

If she ignores it, it’ll drive her off a cliff, like it has done to every single woman on her father’s side for over 1000 years. If she listens, she’s told something terrible will happen.

The choice should be simple.

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Character Profiles: Winter’s Siren

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Release Day Party: No Rest for the Wicked!

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