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Release Day Party: Garden of Ravens

Poetry book is out today!! 😀

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to go over the different sections and talk about them or whatever. ^_^ I organized things in a way that I thought would make sense or at least a way that made sense in my head. If you’ve been around the cafe for a while or have read any of my books, you might recognize a few poems, as everything that’s published on this blog or in a novel are also in this book. That might account for maybe ten poems, but they’re here. I’ve mentioned that I write song lyrics for fun sometimes, so some of the poems are converted song lyrics or inspired by song lyrics. I did the math, because I was interested, and just over 36% of the collection, or 42 of 114 entries, are based on song lyrics.

Everything that is based on a story shows up in this section, including my own stories, and this includes pending projects, a few of which may never see the light of day, but ya never know. Sometimes writing a poem for my story helps me understand the vibe of it better. Or sometimes a girl has writer’s block.

When I was going through everything, anything that sounded like a dead thing went here. Dead, metaphorically speaking. Dead friendships. Dead dreams. Dead whatever. Sometimes I personify my bad mood and write a poem about it, so not everything that sounds like it’s about a person is about a person (both here and elsewhere), but that non-person-thing, metaphorically speaking, is also dead.

I like to call this the Ghost of Things Past. Like, the shadows of what was. There’s a poem from my college French class that I put in here that my teacher said was “really sad,” and then she asked if everything was okay. ^_^ I’m sure it wasn’t, but the poem wasn’t about me. The translation is right beside it, and I’m pretty sure my French is accurate, but I’m not apologizing if it isn’t.

I like to call this “Welcome to Crazy Town.” I had a lot of fun filtering poems into this section. I think the longest poem is here. Not necessarily in words, but it takes up a lot of space. Anything that sounded crazy or angry went in here, because I wanted to be able to find them easily later as these make me laugh, in a non-psychotic way. Maybe. Fun fact, the sonnet that makes for my first ever blog post is in this section, and I also wrote it in college.

I had a really hard time trying to figure out what goes here and what goes in one of the previous two sections since the theme feels like it overlaps a bit, but this entire section is converted song lyrics, which was totally unintentional, but that makes this section the most fun for me to read for some reason.

Sometimes there are things that we just don’t want to talk about, but I think this is tied in second place for longest section.

This is where I put the poems that didn’t fit anywhere else. They sound hopeful to me, but I’m biased. There’s one poem in here that’s actually for a shelved story, but I liked it better here. I also write duets sometimes, and my favorite one is in this section, minus the bridge. Sometimes my bridges don’t make sense to other people. ^_^

Happy Book Birthday to GARDEN OF RAVENS! 😀

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