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Poetry Writing Update

The poetry book is coming along! I’m in the final pass before formatting, making last minute changes and getting rid of stray lines I don’t like. I can’t say I LOVE everything in the collection, but I like everything, so that’s good. ^_^

The next step is to decide on some design elements. I have vague ideas of what I want. I don’t really like random sketches in my poetry books, so I’m not doing that. The plan is some kind of decorative thing to lead into each section, and then some kind of picture at the end of each section. I’ll be making decisions this weekend, I hope.

I say “hope” because I’m doing a sleep experiment. Lol! I’ve felt so good mentally not having a deadline for my fiction projects, that I decided to forgo a daily task list in general to see if it’ll help with my stress-levels, which in turn, should help me get more sleep. The quality of my sleep is good these days, so quantity is my next sleep beast to tackle. Basically this means, rest is my main priority. I got information from a nutritionist about endocrine problems, and basically, the absolute best way to balance it is to get enough rest, and for a spell, I will need more rest than usual while my body is in repair mode, or whatever.

I’m actually rather excited to see if this works. The first time I went on vacation just to loaf, I slept most of the day the first day, and half of the day the next day, and it was so needed! I felt so much better. It’s going to take more than a couple of days of sleeping this go around, that was seven years ago, but yeah…excited.

Anyways, editing poetry is interesting. Because of its short form, I can’t just look for “problems” or typos or whatever. I have to think about what I’m trying to say and see if I accomplished that, in my opinion. I’ve definitely had a few poems I’ve struggled with because I didn’t know what I was trying to say. And there was one that I knew what I was trying to say, but I was having trouble articulating it.

For those poems, it was mostly a few lines that were causing the problem. So with some deleting, some adding, some rearranging, and rewriting, I’ve managed to get to a happy place with those stray beasts thus far without having to delete anything. Satisfaction. 🙂

Most of the poetry, thank goodness, hasn’t given me a hard time. I actually have an entire section that wasn’t difficult to write at all. In fact, I almost couldn’t stop. It was so cathartic. ^_^

The edits have largely consisted of minor fussing over words, a line or two, or punctuation, the few poems that have that going on. So, yeah. I’m having a good time. 😀

If nothing else, I should be done with this latest pass by the end of the weekend. I’m more than halfway through, and I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head that’s bothering me, so it might go by a little faster than this first half. I have a nice long list of poetry tasks that need to be accomplished each month to stay on track for my August publication date. I had to do this, so I could relax and know that everything was fine. And also, so I could work on it for a week or so and then get back to the fiction. Things are looking good. 😉


      • Michelle Athy

        So does endocrine system means something up with the thyroid? I had a few years where I was super sluggish and it was thought that I had hypothyroidism but I never hit the threshold in blood tests to really have a slow thyroid. It was likely a function of hormones, being a night owl, migraines, and other factors.

        • Krystal Jane

          Thyroid is part of it. It covers that and the pineal, pituitary, and adrenal glands, along with the reproductive system, and I think the pancreas and thymus and maybe something else in the brain.

          In my case, testing shows that my pituitary is the most out of whack, severely so, and has been for several years, which is very likely causing the reproductive issues I’ve been having. Thankfully my thyroid and andrenals are fine. They could be happier, but they’re not giving me grief. I thought it might be my thyroid because my mom and sister have had issues, but I’ve been in a position where I’m tired all day and wired at night, which I guess is more pituitary problems, which often come with hormonal problems since the pituitary is responsible for telling our hormones what to do.

  • Tonja Drecker

    It sounds like you are doing so well in so many areas. Good for you! I hope it continues and continues and continues.

  • Jodi Leigh

    Deciding on design elements to add to a poetry book sounds like so much fun! I love making decisions about anything having to do with aesthetics. Can’t wait to see the final product.

    I could desperately go for some better sleep too–both qualitatively and quantitatively! I’m interested in hearing whether foregoing your task list helps. For me, if I don’t have a to-do list ready to go for tomorrow, I go into insomniac-mode (translation: making lists helps me sleep).

    • Krystal Jane

      Aesthetics! ^_^
      I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

      It’s so funny, because I started making lists because I was stressing myself out trying to keep up with everything I had to do the next day, and everything I wanted to do. Somehow over the last couple of years it’s fallen apart on me. I got overwhelmed and sleep-deprived, and then stressed and overwhelmed, and I don’t know what happened! I’ll definitely let you know how the experiment goes. 😀

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