Goals: 2018 Wrap Up and 2019


It’s here! The last post of the year! ^_^

First – still working on the same story. Ha. Actually working. And for the first time in I don’t know how long, I haven’t gone back and edited the first chapter a gazillion times. I was happy with it, so I moved on. Didn’t even know that was possible.

I was definitely dragging my feet a lot, but one weekend I started thinking about a musical adaption idea I have and how I should write the idea down (and a couple of others) so I’ll remember to check in on it later, and naturally, I got super excited and wanted to start plotting and taking notes and such, and that’s when I realized…I need to get going, like really going, on my work-in-progress before I pull myself off the rails again. (Yay long sentence!)

So, I sat down and told myself to just write a page or whatever I felt like, and I ended up writing for over an hour. ^_^ #motivationhack – butt in chair. Or fake it til you make it. 🙂 Soft deadline for the project is the end of March.

Second – I wanted to do a goal wrap up for 2018 and declare some goals for 2019. ^_^

2018 Goals
1) Publish 2 Books

2) Read 26 Books
– Read 56!! Should finish one more by year’s end. I think I crossed 26 in the springtime, so I raised it a couple of times after that, but yay!!

3) Hit High Note in “Think of Me” Consistency and Comfortably
– It’s a B5, which I was already comfortable with, so this mostly involved me pulling out a tuner and making sure I was actually hitting the right note. I wasn’t. But in my efforts to be on-key, I got my range from an iffy C6 to a good D6. This is very exciting for me.

4) Work On Sleep & Stress Levels
– Stress levels are significantly better. We’re still working on the sleep. Lol! But the quality of sleep is much better! I just need to get to bed earlier. It’s hard to turn the old brain off, you know.

5) Visit Local Coffee Shop
– Went twice. I’d been meaning to go for a few years. In my defense, it isn’t close, and I pass by Starbucks every day.

6) Visit Park
– Yep, and I also went to another trail across town that has an actual mini waterfall!!! (picture below)

7) Research Conference Options
– Did this. I didn’t decide on whether I was actually going to one or not, but that wasn’t the goal. Haha.

Next year I’m doing something a little different. Less overall goals, and more micro-goals. I got a goal-planning planner instead of my usual pretty-for-the-sake-of-being-pretty planner, so I want to see if I make more progress this way. I’m happy with what I accomplished, but my brain felt chaotic most of the year.

2019 Macro-Goals
1) Write & Edit 2 Books 
– I’m so tempted to say three, but we’re trying to stay sane here. And I mean edit all the way through: from first edit to final read-through.

2) Hit High Note in Phantom of the Opera – E6
– This was a goal in 2017, and I realized very quickly that I had gotten in over my head and wasn’t practicing nearly enough. I also got sick of singing the same song over and over again. I love it, but I don’t wanna sing it every day! So, next year, my goal is to sing weekly, whatever I want, and every time I sing, go over the scales and get as high as I can without breaking my throat. And as I mentioned above, I’m at a freaking D6 guys, like come on, voice box!

3) Read 60 Books
– Why not? ^_^ I’m going to attempt a flexible monthly TBR. I figure I can pick a TBR like I decide on what to write. I’ll go through my books and pick out the ones I’m most excited about at the time, and if a new book comes out and I must read it NOW, then I’ll read it, but this past year, that only happened like, twice, I think, so I’m expecting this to work for the most part.

And that’s it. I don’t have a sleep goal this year, because having one actually low-key stresses me out, and more stress = a harder time falling asleep. I suspect my sleep will fix itself if I stop aggravating myself. We’ll see.

All righty, that’s it. Lol! I’ll still be half-glued to my phone if anyone wants to reach me, but the blog will see you next year! 😀

waterfall ^_^

8 Responses to Goals: 2018 Wrap Up and 2019

  1. Sounds like a great wrap up for the year! Your reading goal is insane. I’m holding off on posting my last reading challenge post until I finish the book I’m reading now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. What a great year you’ve had! May it roll on over into 2019. Oh, and keep me updated on your conference research. I’ve been poking my nose around in that direction too, thinking that maybe it’s time to start hitting a few. But which ones?

  3. Wow, what a productive year! Your goals for 2019 are definitely more ambitious than I could ever hope to attain, but based on how successful you were for 2018, you’ll totally reach them. <3

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Krystal!

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