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The Top Secret Trilogy is a Top Secret Duology again. Ha…

So, I got confused. In my defense, I’ve never committed to writing a duology or trilogy or quadrilogy before. It was always, “we’ll see.” And well, I saw and the answer was no. The confusion with this project happened because book one is in two parts. It’s not like I’ve never written a two-parter before, it’s just been a long-ass time, and you know, I forgot what that looks like. After the first climax, I naturally assumed that was it. I didn’t know there was more!

In my head, book two, now part two, always felt incomplete on it’s own. I thought maybe I just needed to write book one first, but like, I didn’t feel good about that, right. The old gut was like having a panic attack or a tantrum or something. So, I do what I always do in that situation. I plopped to story back into its crockpot to bake some more and worked on something else.

The other confusion is that book two – that I thought was book three – sprouted full-body on me, which is awesome, but like, it wasn’t there before. That made me nervous. When I’m nervous, I don’t write the book because…reasons.

In any case, things are back on track, and I hope to write it after “Phantom Silence,” which is honestly scaring me out of it just a little. But I went to a book launch thingie last Friday, and the author said something interesting that I don’t remember (haha), but it applies to my situation. She said something about how her first published book was Crazy, with a capital Cray, but it worked out, so not to run from something because we think it’s too crazy. Or something more eloquent than that.

On a slightly random side note, if I ever have a book party, I want it to be super loud, and I want people to fight for their prizes. I did win a prize at this event though. I was the last person to win! And I wanted to win so bad. So exciting. πŸ˜€

Anyway, “Phantom Silence,” while normal paranormal on the outside has a crazy twist to it, and I wonder how it’ll go over. That said, won’t be the first time I’ve had a crazy ending, so…and also, WHISPER, which is just regular paranormal, is based on a popular legend, and while I was happy with moving the location at first, I’m afraid now people will riot. >.< The only thing that helps is that my main editor didn’t say anything about it, so maybe it’s okay? >.<

In any case, while I do want to run from “Phantom Silence” because I’m scared now, I’m going to do it anyway because none of my duologies are ready, and this story is ready, as far as I can tell, and if I go too long without writing, I act weird-er.

In other random news, I buying a new bookshelf for the first time in about 7.5 years. My ebook TBR has gotten too long, so naturally, I decided to add more physical books, and well, I need a tiny bit more space. It’ll give me two extra shelves, which will allow me to display my own pretty books for me to oogle, and leave me room to buy a few more pretty books. I still mostly buy ebooks, but sometimes a girl just wants a pretty book on her shelf. You know how it is. ^_^

I’ll take a picture of the new shelf when it’s together and organized, if I remember. It looks really good in my head. πŸ˜€

In other random news, I saw Black PantherΒ over the weekend and I’m waiting impatiently for my cat suit to come in the mail.


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