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A Cup of New Project Tea!


Okay so, you know when you have a lot of ideas to choose from and you can’t make a decision so they all start driving you crazy? Sometimes you just need to make an executive decision, right? Sometimes you have to just pick something for your own sanity and take the slightest problem no matter how small and use it as an excuse to push a project back. Right?!

You may or may not remember me mentioning that one of my top secret duologies was threatening to turn into a trilogy. It did, and I’m only 50% comfortable with it, but if the story wants to be three parts, I’ll do it, because I am only a humble vessel. 😛

That said, because it sprouted a third book on me, I realized that it wasn’t as ready as I thought, so it’s gone back into the proverbial baking oven.

So if I’m not working on a duology or a trilogy, what am I working on? I’ll tell you, because I know you’re dying to know. ^_^

(takes a deep dramatic breath and holds it for a long dramatic pause)

The working title for the project is “Phantom Silence.” If it sounds at all familiar, it’s because I first mentioned it in 2014, because this idea, like the last idea, is about 4 years old. Yet another story to suffer and never happen because I couldn’t stop freaking out about something or other. The really funny thing is that at one point I was working on WHISPER and “Phantom Silence” at the same time. I didn’t remember that. I looked it up. I outlined them side by side. Drafted parts of both stories side by side. In Fall 2014, I remember outlining four projects, and I couldn’t remember what the fourth project was for the life of me. It was this one.

It’s a futuristic dark fantasy that I got about 22k words into and dropped. It’s like I just woke up one day, looked at it, and realized I was writing it all wrong.

At some point, I gave up on the story completely. I never stopped thinking about it, because it just had me hooked in a fatal way, but I had thrown it into the graveyard and moved on. Sometime in 2016, I had one of those light bulbs go off in my head on the way to work. I get a lot of good ideas during the short drive because I’m often listening to music or otherwise relaxed.

I started brainstorming the idea again, and while the basic premise had stayed the same, the plot had taken a crazy turn. I told the idea it was off its rocker. But I dug it up, added to the queue line on my projects page, and told the story I would seriously consider writing it (if I could get over the crazy).

I have a superstitious kind of thing about my writing. If I pick a project to work on and I immediately get a new idea, get obsessed with another project, or can’t sleep, I feel like it’s my brain’s way of telling me that the story I chose to work on isn’t ready yet. Sometimes the voice is loud. Most often it’s not. This past Monday night, right before I went to bed too late and after I told myself to just commit to the trilogy and STOP WAFFLING already, a little voice in my head whispered, “you don’t have to work on that right now; you could work on Phantom Silence.”

So yeah. That’s what I’m working on. It’s about Safara, age unknown. She wakes up underwater, in a swamp, early one morning and can’t remember how she got there or why she didn’t drown. In the meantime, she’s being stalked by a possible phantom. Perhaps whoever put her in the ground is back to finish the job? Or perhaps the truth is far more terrible than that. 😛

I have to say, being settled on the next project is a tremendous relief, and I feel good about the decision. The only downside was that I couldn’t remember what I did with my original notes. After tearing through ALL of my composition books, I finally found them stapled together in the back of the notebook I’m using for my trilogy. Haha. So, I’ll get to rewriting what I need and maybe outlining if I feel like it. If nothing else, I’ll make a nice flow chart of the major points and dive in.

Before I run off, I wanted to mention that the proofreading is done for WHISPER! (bows for enthusiastic applause) Next up: formatting and the final read through. 😀


  • Tonja Drecker

    Yay to Whisper!!! Pause and celebrate and little. You earned it. Glad you found a story to work on. I’m a little undecided at the moment too. I am working on a MS (and loving it) but at the same time, there’s another one that, after a quick run-through edit, is actually ready to be sent out into the world again. Part of me wants to work on the new one, and part on just getting the other one out again. . .because it’s sitting in the drawer for no reason whatsoever. Why can’t we just have clones or type several books simultaneously?

    • Krystal Jane

      Yes! One clone please! Writer decisions are hard sometimes. Lol! Whatever you choose is the right decision. 🙂

      Yep, yep. I’m going to buy myself some flowers when the formatting is done. 🙂

  • Michelle Athy

    I love that The 4 Stages of Writing! Can’t wait to read Whisper and I’m glad you figured out your next story. I’m trying to carry through to the second half of my outline and starting to think more about outline #2 in the series.

    • Krystal Jane

      I thought that was hilarious. And true. 😀 I hope you’re still having fun! Sounds like you’re making good progress from your updates. ^_^

  • tyreanmartinson

    I love the way you work! Probably because I work in much the same way with multiple project ideas surfacing and getting dunked at various moments. I think when we get that strong call for another project, it’s good to think about it, but then switch, if needed. The other projects will be there later …

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