A Cup of Duology Tea

Okay. I’m just going to say it. I kind of sort of have a sequel idea for NO REST FOR THE WICKED.

I mean like, I had a concept a year ago, but like, no plot. Now, I kind of sort of have a plot. It’s not like a fully developed “I’m DYING to write this” kind of plot. More like a, “hey, look at that shiny thing over there,” kind of plot.

I think what happened is that I’ve come to conclusion that in order to properly tell a certain story idea I have, I must write a historical setting for an entire novel. I’ve just had a lot of hurdles to overcome. Like how much do I really need to know about medieval times? Not much. But what about Norway, the setting? Was that even a country in the year 700? Nope. Is that even important? It’s not, I was pretty much only going to mention the village the story takes place in anyway, which is fictional, but I did originally think this part of the story took place in the 1200s, because when I think medieval times, I think years 1000-1300, when it actually covers years 400-1400. That was about all the research I absolutely had to do. I’ll do the rest as I go, in typical me fashion.

But I was reminded not long ago by an awesome buddy that we don’t run when we’re afraid of something. We climb on top of fear and use it to help us tackle that beast. 🙂 (This is what you call words coming back to bite your rear but in a good way.)

In any case, between this and my other duology idea, my brain finally latched onto some of the murkier bits of the NRFTW sequel. Still may not happen. And it’s not like my other duologies. Those absolutely go together. Like, the stories aren’t complete until Book Two.

That isn’t the case with NRFTW. I mean, if people don’t read book one, they’re probably not going to understand most of book two. Things happen in book one that directly influence what happens next. But NRFTW still stands on it’s own. Part two is the non-essential sequel. 

In the meantime, I will be tackling what I’m calling my Chaos Duology. The MC pitched a giant fit in the spring to fix her story because it was chaotic as crap, no pun intended. I’ll be dipping into a bit of new territory with the medieval setting for book one. I’ve written in historical and even medieval settings, because of course, I’ve tried it, but I haven’t done it for an entire novel since I was a junior in high school, and that story is just pure comedy now. But given how I also haven’t done a dual 1st person POV since high school until WINTER’S SIREN, and I think that turned out great, I’m going to stop pitching a fit and just give myself over to it, because that’s what I do.

I won’t say too much more about it now, but originally I was going to do a retelling duology next. I want to write the duologies back to back, and I feel like the retelling duology needs more baking time overall. Like, I’m still way too excited about it. Maybe that sounds a little strange, but if the high wears off and I still want to write the story, I know I can get through it from start to finish. Because at some point, I’m going to think the story is dumb and sucks. The only thing that gets me through is a deep actual love for the story. Meaning I accept it, shiny it or not.

I’m still a little leery of Chaos duology book two, but I know it’ll be okay once I start writing it. The MC hasn’t given me too much more info about it since I fixed things because she wants me to focus on book one, but in my gut, I know everything will be good to go when I get to it.

Writing the duologies back to back will be best for me from a drafting and editing standpoint, but it will also increase the likelihood that they’ll both actually get written. Unlike a NRFTW sequel. I get sequel ideas all the time. I’ve never actually done it before. Maybe if I get my duologies written…WHEN I get them written 🙂 …it’ll inspire me to write a NRFTW sequel. Or a WHISPER sequel. Or not.

Speaking of, I know regular people are busy this time of year – I’m not because I do nothing because everyone always forgets about me – so, the official WHISPER announcements are coming at the end of this month, and I’ll be putting a short story up for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I do acknowledge the US Thanksgiving, but I’m not busy all day, so in case other people also aren’t busy all day and want something fun to read, I’lll be here.

6 Responses to A Cup of Duology Tea

  1. LOL “I know regular people are busy this time of year.” I only get busy because work picks up this time of year for me and drives me up the wall.

    You’ll be fine with a medieval setting. You’re convincing me pretty well with some really grounded details and description of Devi and Fawn’s middle of nowhere opera house, so you’ll be totally fine doing a fantasy (I’m assuming?) set in medieval times. But seriously, let me know if you want to run something by me or if you have any questions about writing something historical-ish.

    Why is it that Writing Brain is like, “Ohh, you’re afraid of writing whatever it is? Well, I will give you a brilliant new idea with that exact thing you’re afraid to write!” Like Haunted Lake, for me, since I’m a scaredy cat. Now I’m all, ooh, I did creepy quite well.

    • Omg, I can imagine. People lose their minds this time of year.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! It’s fantasy, yep. I will definitely send a frantic email your way if I need something. Writer Brain thinks it’s cute, but it knows how to lure us over rickety bridges.

      Haunted Lake is what I call a “daytime” read. I don’t need to be thinking about that when I’m trying to sleep! LOL!

  2. I think you’ll do great with a medieval setting! And I’m secretly rooting for a sequel on NRFTW (no pressure Lol). As to the busy, I’m slower this time of year since it gets dark earlier – the family gets tired earlier and doesn’t have me running around as much 😉 . So its writing season!!!

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