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Cover Reveal: No Rest for the Wicked!

Whoo! It’s shiny cover reveal day at The Narcissistic Rose! ^_^

First some shout-outs to Xpresso Book Tours, the participating bloggers, and my writing friends for being awesome and helping me spread the book love today! ^_^ The cover was designed by the great team at – referred to me by fellow indie author and writing genie Jodi Perkins. 😀

Fun side note: I’m usually the kind of person who has all kinds of fun brainstorming mock covers for my projects. I quite literally have cover ideas for nearly everything that’s currently in the brainstorming phase. On this story, however, I had no idea what I wanted. Not only that, I hadn’t thought about it at all. I couldn’t even get any help from my picture folder for the project, because all I had in there were pictures of characters and a picture of a shadow-thing. This is literally the only story I have pictures for that’s so bare bones like that. It might be because I stopped in the middle of chapter seven (literally in the middle of a paragraph) and set the story aside for seven months because I didn’t think it was going to work out. I didn’t plan on the hiatus taking that long. Otherwise, I would have finished the chapter, at least. Maybe. So glad I picked it back up again! And I’m more glad all the characters were still there waiting for me. Sure, it would be highly unusual if they abandoned me, but you never know. ^_^ In any case, it wasn’t until I was trolling for covers for my maybe tentative poetry project that the wheels started spinning on some possible cover ideas with this.

I like filling out forms, so I was WICKED excited (no pun intended, haha) to fill out a form for my cover! One interesting fact about my cover is that I actually don’t like the color yellow. I had options, of course, but the cover designer picked out yellow first, and I love it! Imagine that. ^_^ I think it took me two days to fill the form out. Part of it was trying to make decisions. The other part was me prancing around like a loon. Once I jumped in the proverbial pond, there was no jumping out again. This was the first decision I made. I actually made it before I had completely convinced myself to dive into the indie pool. 😀

Now, chatting aside. Shiny cover time. 💜


Full wrap-around cover

Shiny Blurb:
Since her release from the psychiatric facility and into the smothering guardianship of her aunt, twenty-one-year-old psychic Tatum Torabi has been sneaking away to sell curses and plagues in the underground, a black market known for illegal and supernatural wares.

Tatum’s unique abilities catch the attention of a hella-creepy trash peddler who offers her a job tracking down people who owe his boss “a favor.” She couldn’t be less interested, but when she refuses, the company forces her compliance by threatening the lives of the only family she has left.

Because tracking barely scratches the surface of what they really want from her. There’s a reason Tatum is so good at making curses, and they want her to use those skills for a much darker purpose.

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