Dance of the Queue Fairy – Part Two

My story backlog has gotten pretty ridiculous thanks to spending a great deal of time in a neurotic sweat hut. It’s been hard for me to focus, but I found a quote the other day that said, “Motivation comes from within.” Which means, only I could find it. So, I did. Thanks largely to my family putting up with my mood swings and giving me copious amounts of hugs. ^_^

Right now, of course, I’m working on “Winter’s Siren” – a retelling of a classic tale that is going well and should be done by the end of this month! More deets on the inspiration at a later date. I worried that this wouldn’t be novel length when I started, so I had to go into this trusting that it would work out, and it looks like it is, thanks to ninja plotting skills and looking over notes taken last year, because duh, that’s why I write them down. The story is messy, but that is what revision is for! 😀

Up next I have “The Puppet Box” – another kind of retelling/reimagining of a classic tale that got booted for characterization problems, that I have since fixed. It’s a new adult-ish supernatural horror, and I am SO excited about this. I can keep at least some of my original outline, but I’m going to re-outline everything I have anyway, just to make sure I avoid any other problems that may be lurking in the original. It was only about half done, and I outline like a crazy person anyway, so, it’s not too terrible a task.

By the time I finish “Puppet Box” I fully expect something else to be ready. This is what I have to choose from right now:

I, Nemesis – the rewrite of the story I finished last March (or February, I don’t remember) called “The Inescapable.” This is a weird mix of adventure, supernatural horror, and mythology. I had a feeling the original would be a mess, so I’m not upset that it was. I had some trippy point-of-view stuff to tackle, so I just wanted to make sure that stuff would work first and foremost, and it did! Yippee! 😀

Blackbird Manor – I’ve been sitting on this for over a year now. But I’ve finally worked out the complicated point-of-view structure in this. Different kind of point-of-view stuff. This has multiple POVs. I was going to go with 11, but that was just overwhelming, so I’m going 7. This is because different people are going to notice different things. It’s totally not confusing in my head. 😛 Anyway, it’s straight supernatural horror. No creatures, no other tales mixed in. It’s complicated with mostly male POVs. Should be a lot of fun. I’ve already written chapter one and two, and I really like it.

Whisper – this has been in my head for almost 4 years!! I know, right? First, it was too intimidating. Then I realized that I needed to do a tiny bit of research – always a hiccup for me – on office politics to give it that realistic feel. Then, the plot wasn’t working. I had half a thousand plot holes and many things that weren’t making any sense. I almost scrapped it completely. But then I talked my uncle’s ear off about it at work one day, because he was listening to me for some reason (ahaha), and when I went through the plot out loud, I realized it could work, and I was able to fix the remaining plot holes. FINALLY! It’s a retelling/faux sequel to a classic legend, and I’ve been dying to tackle it. It is so freaking crazy, but I really do think it will work, and it’s right up my alley.

Once There Was Chaos – this is a rewrite of something I tried to write last year, but it wasn’t working. It’s part fairy tale that I made up while messing around with my voice recorder app in the car one day and part paranormal/horror freakshow. I’ve also been dying to write something like this. YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I’ll get to tackle a truly unreliable narrator for the first time. Right now, I’m planning on doing two POVs, but if my main girl can convince me to go on this journey with her alone by the time it’s ready, I’m 100% open to it if will work. As of today, I’m still waiting for my brain to work the plot kinks out, but I feel good about it.

There isn’t a story on this list that hasn’t been in my head for at least a year, so obviously, I’m a slow plotter. As you can also see, I am going to be pretty busy. The goal is to write two of these a year. I would love to do three, but I’m not sure how realistic three is – between drafting and multiple rounds of editing and reading, I have my hands pretty full. I do write fairly fast. I average 6 to 8 weeks of drafting per story, and I have drafted a story in 3 weeks. So, you can probably see how much time I waste based on that alone. But this is what goals are for right? 😀

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    • Thank you! ^_^ I’m still on the fence about one of the titles, but I’ve been rather lucky in the title department lately, I think.

  1. Goodness, I can barely write one a year right now! But I know the lure of having many projects going all too well, might start working on a few of them this year myself. Good luck getting them all done!

    • Thank you! ^_^ I didn’t write anything in 2015, but thankful the ideas kept churning themselves around in my brain anyway. I hope you get some projects off the ground this year! The benefit of having multiple ideas going at once is that one of them has to be ready, right?

  2. My mouth just hit the floor. 2 a year? I’m lucky to spit out a short a year (but that’s going to change 🙂 ). But I’m SO excited for you, and as a fairy tale retelling fan, I’m cheering these will come out soon. Go! Go! Go!!!

    • Yeah it’s going to change!! I can’t wait to see what’s going on with your writing! I almost wrote three stories in 2013, but I quit the last one for being super crap. LOL! Thank you! I’ve been trying to do retellings for years, so it’s exciting to finally have some of them working out. 😀

    • Thank you! ^_^ I really enjoy the baking process. It’s like digging for gold and actually finding it! Though I keep trying, I can still only focus on one thing at a time. LOL! I can definitely tell you have a lot of ideas! 😀

    • Haha. 😀 I can do two if I can restrain the crazy. Hey, the regency romance could turn into a novel on you. Lol! I really thought “Winter’s Siren” wouldn’t cross the 30k mark, and now I’m past that with 20 chapters left.

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