The DIY Publishing Diary: Volume One

Wassup, peeples! ^_^

So, it’s really happening! “No Rest for the Wicked” has a publication date of May 10, 2017! 😆

I was going to wait until fall, but it’s like, everything is on schedule to be done by March, so…why wait? Then I can put my next book out in the fall. 🙂

Two weeks ago, I mentioned an unnamed project that started all of this. That project is a book of mostly dark & whimsical poetry. And in fact, the poetry book is why I rearranged the menu bar last month. The goal is to get this out by January 2018 or sooner, but that will depend on how much work I can get done on it while I work on my next novel!! Which is officially in motion!! (Can you tell I’m excited? And I had a head cold this weekend and everything! The head cold is not the exciting part, by the way. LOL!)

To recap, I started off doing research for my poetry book, as my intention for the novel was an independent press at the time. However, as I was browsing covers (because in true me fashion, this is the first thing I looked at), I started thinking about “No Rest for the Wicked” and that is when I finally changed the title from “Legion.” I was going to change it back in the summer, but the new title made me laugh, so I thought perhaps it was silly. Doesn’t matter. I like it. 🙂 And I do like to make myself laugh. Around this same time, I sent the then titled “Legion” off to a beta, because I really didn’t want to go any further without someone else having a look at it. 😛

With the brain in full spin mode, I fell into a Youtube hole, thanks to this post on the Absolute Write self-publishing forum (recommended reading by the awesome Sunflower Michelle). Whilst I was in said hole, I found myself simultaneously jotting down information for the poetry book AND my novel. It was this week when I made the decision to go all in and publish the novel as well.

This week I started some preliminary research and dived into the fun work of finding an editor & cover designer for the novel. (We’ll decide on a poetry book cover later.) Unlike some of my projects, I actually had no idea what I wanted for “No Rest for the Wicked” until I started browsing. (For example, I already know EXACTLY what I want for “The Puppet Box” AND “Blackbird Manor” AND “Winter’s Siren” – LOL!)

Things started getting real once I got scheduled in with an editor! (In fact, the story is with her now!!) She’ll be doing developmental edits, line editing, AND final proofreading! I’m afraid she’ll try to kill most of my adverbs, but hey, if it makes the story stronger! I’ve already met her in person, and I like her a lot already, so that is really exciting. Then the fabulous Jodi Perkins recommended her cover designer (who is freaking fantastic), who got me lined up for the end of January!! More excitement. 🙂

I knew this route would be a lot of work, but I had no idea! I ended up with a crap ton of free material to read that I’m still wading through. Right now I’m reading APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur): How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki & Shawn Welch. So far it’s been really motivating and engaging and so much fun to read. The funny thing is that I got this for free as a NaNoWriMo winner two years ago, and it’s been sitting on my Kindle app ever since. (crawls into hole)

By the end of month one, I’d hired an editor and cover designer, got some good beta feedback on my story, read three short books related to self-publishing (the longer two I’m still reading), watched about 10 Youtube videos, attended three free webinars, watched some formatting videos, listened to podcasts, and went through a self-publishing class on for $19 (a site recommended by my sister), where I filled my brain with too much (but incredibly helpful) information and got a much appreciated pep talk. I’ve also decided on what companies I’m going to utilize to get my work out there: Createspace, Amazon KDP, Nook Press or IngramSpark, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Formatting, Accounts Set Up, Sleep – but that can wait until February…except the sleep 😉

I think I’m incapable of writing about anyone I consider normal. ‘Tis very dull.

When grasshopper is ready, Miyagi-san will come teach grasshopper to jump higher…or at least how to catch a fly with chopsticks… ^_^



16 Responses to The DIY Publishing Diary: Volume One

  1. Super exciting times. And this is why I say to enjoy the season BEFORE publishing. At least you’re giving yourself a long enough runway. You’ve got this and I can’t WAIT to see the results. *hands over a cheese basket* Keep your strength up!

    • The runway feels short from my side. Lol! Thank you!! (I will always accept a cheese basket! Even if I can only nibble on it. 😊) I’m so excited though!!

  2. YAY!!!!

    Seriously, though, you’re going about this with more organization than I’ve done for either of my self-published projects, but then again, I haven’t published anything full-length yet. Can’t wait to see your book!

  3. YAY! Wow. You are all organized 🙂 I LOVE the new title too. Legion is okay, but there are so many of those. And it sounds way too serious. Let me know if you need any shout-out help or anything like that!

    • Thank you!! I agree. I could live with Legion, but it didn’t make me happy. Lol! I will definitely be pinging you about it later! Thank you so much! ^_^

    • Lol! I’ll have to keep that in mind. I stress out over the dumbest things already! But yeah exactly, normal people aren’t interesting! ^_^

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