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The Point Of No Return

Phantom shout out! πŸ˜›
Today, though, I’m talking about that point in the story where you KNOW that you’re going to finish it.

Some people commit to finishing at word one. I always mean to finish what I start. But I don’t get wedged really good in a story until around the 25k mark.

I know. That’s like super late, right? I’ve quit enough stories between 10k and 20k words to know that’s not enough to know. At 10k, I’m still getting warmed up! 20k to 25k is when the shiny has worn off and I know without a doubt if a story is going to work out and if I love it enough to write through the trials. Cause aren’t there always trials?! Boo!

But anyway, the 25k mark. I can get to this point and hate my story and still be able to force it. But why? Why torture myself, right? Of course, getting to 25k and loving my story doesn’t mean I don’t still want to run some days. (Haha) It doesn’t mean I don’t have anymore doubts. (More haha) It just means I’m committing to this story because I love it and think it’s worth writing.

I can get to this point sooner. It happens sometimes at 10k or 15k. And sometimes still, it’s much later. I do have that one story that I quit at 60k, but the point I knew I needed to quit for sure was closer to 40k. Yikes! The good thing about that story, though, is that it was an experiment. I think sometimes that I might have actually wanted to quit much sooner than even 40k, because by 40k, I was dragging like you wouldn’t believe! But it was NaNo, the ideaΒ was exciting, and I was just writing so fast I didn’t even notice how much I hated the story until I was 10k away from winning NaNo with plenty of days left in the month.Β I pushed through to get my win. Pushed a little more. Then I quit.

I know. I thought about finishing it out of principal, but it’s such a mess. I didn’t see the point in finishing something I knew would have to be rewritten from scratch anyway. Still no plans on the rewrite though. But the characters are all still in my head, so it might happen. πŸ™‚

So, yes, I have reached this point of no return in my current story.Β In fact, it’s very likely I’ll be finished with a very rough first draft by the end of next week. Likely. Per usual, the second half of my story is crazy town, but I’ve already decided to start my editing session with Chapter 14. It was the only way to move on. I wanted to go back and edit so bad!!

I actually think Chapter 14 is good. But I thought it would be better to start with something that wasn’t such a mess to boost my confidence before I get to the actual mess. I know have a (bad) habit of writing the second half of my stories like something is chasing me.Β It’s funny because I keep thinking that I’ll stop doing this the more I write, but apparently, this is just how I roll. Nice to know I’m consistent about something. πŸ˜›

Editing is my favoritest part of writing, and I cannot wait to get there, but editing is not fun while I’m drafting. When I’m in drafting mode, it’s stressful. So, I managed to stop myself this past weekend from a scheduled editing spree. LOL! (Mostly by telling myself to get my crap together. ^_^)

To be honest, I’m really quite relieved that the story actually makes sense, because I didn’t think it was ever going to. When I started the story last summer, I had no idea how to end it. When I brainstormed the ending and picked it back up…whenever I picked it back up, April maybe? Anyway, when I had the ending in place, I still couldn’t see how it was going to work out in any kind of sensical fashion. Now that I’m about six or seven chapters from the end (depending on if I have to add another chapter or not), I almost can’t believe that this plot is actually working out. I looked at it the other day and I was like, “OMG, that actually makes sense!!”

The reward I get for trusting my brain. ^_^

May the writing fairy be visiting you all – at your desks or in your dreams. πŸ€—


  • Tonja Drecker

    I’m past 35,000 and just beginning to fall in love with the story again…still, not sure where a couple plot things are going, but I figure they’ll work themselves out. YAY for getting almost to the end! That’s always a terrific feeling (and accomplishment). As to editing, it’s my favorite part too. That’s when the horrible things start molding into something nice and the story really takes on shine. Can’t wait to here you say ‘It’s finished!”

  • Thea Landen

    Phantom shout out! πŸ˜€

    These days with my limited writing time, I usually don’t start writing something until it’s pretty fleshed out in my head. (Says she who used to only have the most basic outlines, if that.) Excluding some fanfic I tried to write shortly after popping out the babies, I can’t remember the last time I completely gave up on a story. Some of them were crappy, and I’m debating whether to clean them up for (re)submission, but hey, they got done!

    • Krystal Jane

      Lately, I’ve been quitting stories a lot. I’m hoping now that I’m happy with my content again that this bad habit will stop. >.<

      I don't usually start something until I have all the basic plot elements sorted out. With this story though I was trying to "do something different" and pants the whole thing. But pantsing is not for me. Lol!

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