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Dance of the Random Flower :)

That moment when you realize you’re turning into the writer you wanted to turn into one day when you were twelve. ^_^

Sometimes it’s the little things.

I have a scene in the current project where a bunch of angry adults are yelling at each other. And I had a moment, folks. I didn’t literally step back and look at it, but it felt like time stopped for a moment, and I looked at the dialogue, and I thought to myself, “This. I love this.” πŸ™‚

It was a nice moment. For the most part, I admittedly think everything I write is stupid. But this one little scene, with these minor characters that are hardly in the story at all – it made me feel like maybe everything isn’t so stupid after all.

I often forget how amazing creating a story can be. There am I, a regular, invisible person, at my desk, with a notebook beside me that has a messy, handwritten outline inside (which is honestly not THAT messy because I have good penmanship, but I write extra stuff all in the margins, and you get the point) – there am I, writing a story. A long story. To think, there are people out there who think the number of stories I’ve finished is amazing. They think it’s amazing because sometimes people want to write a story, but they don’t commit to getting it down, for whatever reason.

They think it’s amazing, and I often poopoo the thought because I look at it like a mountain of failure. But it isn’t a mountain of failure. I’m not sure what kind of mountain it is, but I’ve decided, if nothing else, to look at it as proof that I’m a lot more disciplined than I give myself credit for.

And it can represent other things, too. Proof that a person never really runs out of ideas. Just the other week I had an idea whiz past me. It may not turn into anything, but it was there. And I can’t watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Xena, Warrior Princess or even too many episodes of Married…with Children without getting an idea for a story or a scene of something interesting. I have entire movie scripts in my head that I think about and act out sometimes. πŸ˜‰

I’m not a script writer – outside of the script writing class I took in college (which was GREAT!), I haven’t done much more than a few Sailor Moon parody plays that I wrote in the 8th grade, which I still have. I really should share them. Of course, if you’re not a Sailor Moon fan, the nicknames I gave to everyone will be totally lost on you, but I skimmed through them last summer when I was cleaning out my old nightstand before having some new bedroom furniture brought in. I have to say, they still make me laugh. I can’t think about them without smiling. πŸ™‚

Until I decided that it just didn’t matter anymore, I never could really picture my stories on any particular bookshelf. I have actually strolled down the aisles of Barnes & Noble and thought to myself, “What about here? Would such and such story fit here?” And then sometimes I would think, “It might would fit here…but I don’t want it here, I want it it over there, but it doesn’t fit over there!”

Anyway, as with all things, as soon as I stopped stressing over it, I could finally see where the book would fit. It goes back to that same, short, scene with the fighting people. In my head, things paused for a moment, and I stepped back and thought to myself, “Oh yeah, I can see my book over there.” ^_^


  • Sunflower Michelle

    Hey! You know, creating a story is an amazing thing. I think we all need to have that perspective. It seems like everyone in the world writes stories, but actually, that’s not true. It’s what makes us weird πŸ™‚ Glad to see you being positive about something. Those little glimmers really carry us through, right?

  • Crystal Collier

    Yay! I love those moments when everything just feels like magic. I had one of those moments yesterday when I finished penning out the climax of this book and pieces of story I’d been holding in my brain for ages were suddenly on the digital page. I’m not going to say they were perfect, but they were there. It was like clearing part of my brain. Some of me loves the fact that it’s finally done, and part of me is kind of sad that it’s no longer just inside of me.

    But enough rambling. I’m sure you’ve got more epicness than you think. Most writers do, they just needs some help shaping it to make the story its ultimate best. That’s why I’m super grateful for my two editors who beat the snot out of my stories.

  • Tonja Drecker

    I’m amazed by how many stories you’ve written, and it is magical when those ideas come and brighten up. It’s funny how little things can spark new story ideas–they pop up all the time. I ‘try’ to write them down, but lately, I’ve been fudging on it because I’m determined to get a couple stories finished first. Distractions distractions. Happy writing!

    • Krystal Jane

      Distractions indeed! I’m still writing them down, but I just let them pile up. If they want to be told bad enough they’ll jump out. Lol! I’m trying really hard to get some things finished, too!

  • Thea Landen

    Ha, that’s a great quote there. Love it.

    Writing something AND finishing it is an admirable accomplishment. Or, as they say, if it were easy, everyone would do it. A former (for many reasons) friend of mine used to always ramble on about what BRILLIANT IDEAS he had, and SURELY he could get them published, and everyone would just LOVE them and fall to their knees in awe about how UNIQUE and CREATIVE his ideas were…if only he had the time to write them. Uh-huh. Suuuure, buddy.

    The nice thing about the age we live in today is that even if you don’t think your story will fit in at a standard bookseller, there’s bound to be an audience for it somewhere!

    • Krystal Jane

      ^_^ I can’t help but relax when I read that quote. πŸ™‚

      Definitely! Even if it is true, it doesn’t matter if those super brilliant wonderful life changing ideas never get written down. Of course. πŸ˜›

      That’s very true – there is a market for everything. If someone wants to write fiction about cat pageants, you know there’s someone out there will read it! Honestly, I might take a look at it myself out of curiosity. Lol!

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