7 Deadly Literary Sins Blop Hop!

I was tagged by Michelle Wallace over at Writer in Transit for this super fun blog hop!

Blog Hop - 7 Deadly Painting

Questions & Answers:

Greed – What is your most inexpensive book?

Um, the free ones? Lol! But outside of that, there’s no telling. I don’t remember how much I paid for any of my books, but I can say that Dan Brown’s INFERNO is probably the most expensive book on my shelf.

Wrath – Who’s the author with whom you have a love/hate relationship with?

Um, Anne Rice maybe? I love her stories, but the way she tells them DRIVES ME CRAZY! I want to skip over the 5 page description of say like, Lestat’s 17th century or whatever shirt, but I can’t because she’ll put like one essential sentence in the midst of all that crap, so I have to read it all to get it. It’s crazy making. I want to read more of her books, but I’m so scared.

Gluttony – What book have you devoured over and over again with no shame?

There are two: The Forbidden Game Collector’s Edition by L.J. Smith (you know, the copy with the cover that’s been TAPED back on?) and FAT CHANCE by Leslea Newman. I was SO young when I first read FAT CHANCE, so I understood SO much more about bulimia and eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder every time I reread the book over the next several years.

Sloth – Which book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

Oh my gosh…scans bookshelf My Lauren Kate books. I have FOUR of them! I just feel like I love her, but I haven’t read any of her books yet except for like 5 pages of FALLEN. hides I swear I’m going to make it my top book priority next year! Just kill them all. Actually, I’m going to read Teardrop first because I’m obsessed with anything that might have ANYTHING to do with Atlantis, but still…I feel like drawn to Lauren…maybe it’ll make sense when I finally read one of her books. ^_^

Pride – What books do you talk about most in order to sound like an intellectual reader?

Jane Eyre. Keep in mind, I haven’t actually read Jane Eyre! O_o I feel like I have because I know way too much about it, but yeah, I like to talk about it like I’ve actually read the book. (So bad!)

Lust – What attributes do you find attractive in a male or female character?

Let’s do both! Females? You know that alien chick on the new Superman (and one of the old ones, but especially the new one)? The one with Henry Cavil…THAT chick was like so bad-ass. If I was going to be in a movie, I would want kick butt like that. I guess I like ’em SUPER insane. Very attractive qualities: villainy and insanity. ^_^

Males? Gale from Hunger Games. Lol! Seriously. He was smart and crafty and hard-working and funny and gorgeous. He’s like, the perfect guy. I <3 Gale forever! heart melts

Envy – What book would you like to receive most as a gift?

Fairy Tale Collections! I have 3, but OMG, a girl can NOT have too many fairy tale collections. I don’t have all the fairy tales ever told!

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So, it’s been said that I can tag as many or as few peeps as I want! Hmm….scans blogosphere Sunflower Michelle @ The Sunflower Scribbles OF COURSE! <3 ^^ Also, Sandie Docker and Tonja @ Kidbits and Michelle @ Michelle Tran Writes & Karla @ Peace, Love, & Books! ^^


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19 Responses to 7 Deadly Literary Sins Blop Hop!

    • I know! I have the book, but I’ve only read a few pages. I keep forgetting about it! :'(

      I need to kick my fiction back up. I’ve been in non-fiction land for most of the year.

    • Oh my gosh, I think it was $28. It’s a beautiful book. 🙂 Most of the books I buy are in the $10 dollar or less range though. I can’t stand zombies, but I have a super soft spot for vampires. ^_^

  1. Lol! I’ve been avoiding Jane Eyre since I was. . .gosh, like forever. And I totally agree with the fairy tale collections! Even retellings never seem to grow old. Thanks for the tag!

  2. Wahoo! You’re not missing out on much with Lauren Kate’s books. I dragged myself through them, kicking and screaming. Lovely covers. Infuriating protagonist. *sigh* BUT Jane Eyre? GO READ JANE EYRE!!! NOW!!! That’s seriously one of my favorite books of all time. So, so, so good! (Minus a short little bit in the middle where it falls off the tracks, but hey, she didn’t have ease of editing, you know?)

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

    • Lol! I have a feeling if I get around to reading the Fallen series, there will be some dragging involved. But I am in love with the covers! And I really like the concept. We’ll see.

      There is definitely a burning desire to read Jane Eyre. I loved the movie! I can tell already that the book is a lot deeper. Maybe having seen the movie will help with the rougher spots.

  3. Ms. Rice!!! Haha I feel youuuu. Sometimes I’m like…can I take a nap? Lol. Have you gotten her new one? prince something.

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