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WIPMarathon Report #2

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
Lol! takes deep calming breath I has words! Not a terrible lot, but WORDS! ^_^

Last report wordcount + chapter count:
A lot of nothing and driving myself insaner by the day.

Current report WC + CC:
I has words!
8190 words, Chapter 3 on a dark fantasy called “The Fury” (yeah, I know, it’s always something different. Lol!)

Also, working on another Dark Fantasy called “The Raven.” I have two chapters outlined for this, and all my plotting was done in about two hours. Score!!!

And one more thing, I’m also outlining a supernatural sci-fi story I’m calling “Lichen” for now. I have interviews to do and then I’ll be ready to draft! Which I’ll probably start sometime this weekend now that my characters have stopped bickering with each other and are paying attention to me. ^_^

WIP Issues This Month:
No issues. Just the usual new story anxiety and resisting the urge to edit like a crazy person. Well…not trying very hard, which is why my word count isn’t higher. But this is normal for me, so I embrace it.

Four things I learned this month in writing:
1* I’m awesome and it’s okay to admit it. 😉

2* I a bookhugger….maybe I already knew this, but I hugged a few more books than usual this month, including my Kindle App.

3* You can’t actually forget how to write. I spent the entire month of February doing half of nothing except writing bits here and there. I was scared I would be lost forever and anything I wrote would horrible and painful and HARD…but yeah, it’s not. 🙂

4* You really can forget how stuff ends…books, movies, TV shows…You know all those The Office episodes I watched in December? And January? I actually woke up one morning trying to piece together the last episode. Which I did…but I couldn’t believe it took me more than five minutes to remember what happened with Andy Bernard!

What distracted me this month while writing:
I know I keep saying I’m a one project at a time kind of person, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Lol! Also, this was seriously the only way to calm my brain down. I’ve been obsessed with organization lately. This happens a lot actually whenever I start a new story (ha,ha), and that led me straight into Shiny New Idea Hell. I LOVE the outcome of this kind of frenzy, but all the ideas were making me feel crazy. I think I’ve gotten a grip of myself now though. The good news is, once I organized the new ideas my brain started returning to normal. The bad news, now I have three projects ready to go, and five others that could be ready any day now, but I refuse to look at any of those other ideas until I finish something. I have metaphorical steam leaking out of my brain. (shakes fists at shiny new ideas whilst I resist the urge to hug them)

Goal for next month:
Finish the first draft of something. I don’t want to say a specific project because I’m going to be nice and let my brain work on whatever it wants. There’s no reason I can’t finish a draft in four weeks though, yes? ^_^ But no pressure. My deadline isn’t until the end of May, assuming I can commit to something long enough to finish it.

Last 200 words:
Hmm…My MC in “The Fury” is not the sharing type, but she did pick out three bits I was allowed to share. (I’m not even kidding.) She also said anything in the first chapter was fine, but I suspect she only said that because she knows reading that chapter again has been banned. Lol! This is from Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is still being revised. As is this chapter, but I swear one more time through and I’ll back off!

My father’s jaw had hardened. He picked Kayleigh up and carried her back to the house. Then he fished my mother out of her watery grave. And held her. And held her. And rocked her until the ambulance came. He looked up at me once, and I could see the fear in his eyes, the pleading. Please, don’t turn out like your mother.

It was the last thing he said to me. I can still hear his words bubbling out of the ocean, pulling and tearing at my heart. I was thirteen. It was too late. It had already started. I never told him, but he knows.

And that’s all! Until Next Month. ^_^
I has words! *jumps up and down*

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  • Emma Adams (@ELAdams12)

    Yay, glad to hear you have words! And so many shiny new ideas…wow. Looks like you have enough projects planned to keep you busy for a long time!
    I don’t think I could write a draft in a month! Are you doing Camp NaNo? I’m tempted to!

    • krystal jane

      Yeah, I’m actually hoping to not get any new ideas for a while, except for a stray sequel or companion story. I really like the ones I have so I would like a chance to see if they work out. 🙂

      I can finish a draft in a month, I’ve done it a few times. I just need to find that special crazy making and laser focus mode that I lack most of the time. Lol! I’m thinking really hard about Camp NaNo. It mostly depends on if I think I can commit to something or not. I would love to!

    • krystal jane

      Thanks! ^_^
      I have all my story stuff in irritatingly organized little folders on my computer, but I actually keep my current projects organized on the blog. My Writing Projects and Schedule tabs are actually to keep myself straight so I know what I’m doing and my brain knows which one(s) of those computer files to focus on. 😀

  • Amy McNulty

    Good luck and yay for getting some words down! I hate that feeling like you’re never going to write again or the WIP sucks. It helps to be reminded that we don’t always feel that way!

    I hope you do finish your draft soon–but don’t be mad at yourself if you don’t! (Like I am… :P)

    • krystal jane

      I know, I’m still so excited!!
      I try really hard not to stress over my deadlines. I make them strict to keep myself from slacking off, but it’s still so hard not to be disappointed. I wanna be Superman, you know. Lol!

  • Ifeoma Dennis

    What has started in your MC’s life? I want to know more!

    So so happy you finally got out of your writing rut and so many words happened this month! *cartwheels*
    And it’s true! I don’t think I’ve forgotten any episode of Grey’s Anatomy I’ve seen or Witches of East End but sometimes, I do forget what happened in books I’ve read especially if there are many characters with names that didn’t stick with me.

    I think you can finish a draft next month. You can totally do it!

    • krystal jane

      Ha, ha, thanks! ^_^
      I’m so deliriously happy. I thought it would never ever happen. *yay! cartwheels*

      I like to think I remember everything in the Harry Potter books, but I know next time I read them they’ll be a lot of scenes I don’t remember!

  • Yael Itamar (@Yael_Itamar)

    “Hmm…My MC in “The Fury” is not the sharing type”

    Hahaha, I TOTALLY understand this. This is a big part of the reason my story would never work in first person–if my MC had a choice, she would never talk about the events of the story, even to herself.

    • krystal jane

      Oh gosh, yeah, I totally had to drag the plot out of her. I spent two weeks being as non-threatening to her as possible so she would trust me. Lol! I avoided first person for years. Most of my MCs are crazy and it’s a challenge. I guess the universe thinks it’s payback time because that’s all I seem to be getting of late.

  • amandashayne

    I love this update so much! So glad to hear that 1) you has words 🙂 and 2) that you realize how awesome you are and aren’t afraid to shout it! and 3) that you are so happy! Congrats on all your progress this past month!

  • Jodi Perkins

    Yay for words Krystal! Words are awesome. Big fan here. 😉

    Your excerpt was INTENSE. I know you’re kindly allowing your brain to finish whatever draft it wants for the month of April, but can you finish THAT ONE please? ‘Cause greedy me wants more.

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^
      I’m leaning towards that story and the sci-fi. They are the loudest stories in my head right now, so I’m really kind of hoping I can multitask them. *fingers crossed* 🙂

  • Tonja Drecker (@TDrecker)

    Wow! All those projects make my head spin. Guess you are not one of those authors who could run out of ideas – good for you! Glad you got so much writing and planning done. I’m sure you’ll hit that goal at this rate.
    As to book hugging, I could only think of the tree hugging phrase – Have you hugged your book today? Have a great week!

  • Randi Mailloux

    Dude–link to blogger somehow so I don’t have to go google search you every time I want to see if there’s an update! Oh,wait…I just noticed your email follow option. Never you mind, I’m so blond!

    Anyway, you sound like me with a jillion projects going on at once. Glad you decided to stick with one for now over the weekend–I bet you’re going to rock it!! Love your blurb by the way. Excellent play on emotions!

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