13 Lessons From The Story Graveyard

Writing Quote 3

1) First novels have a 90% chance of being complete crap.
It’s okay if you’re part of the 90%.

2) It’s okay to write without a plan and end up with a complete mess on your hands.
Never write without a plan again.

3) Some ideas will fall into the abyss.
Find a new idea.

4) It’s okay if your title is The Headless Fisherman and no headless fisherman appear anywhere in the book.
Titles can be changed. You’re not stuck with them.

5) Sometimes you just don’t know what to do.
Write anyway. This is what revision is for.

6) If your character is getting on your nerves, they will get on other people’s nerves.
Fix them or dump them.

7) It’s okay if your first draft comes up a lot shorter than you intended.
This is why it’s called a first draft. There will be a second draft.

8) Sometimes your characters will fall flat.
Rewrite them or Replace them.

9) If the scene is boring you, it will bore other people.
Liven it up or trash it. You don’t need it.

10) Sometimes your story will have too much going on.
Get to hacking.

11) It’s okay if an agent doesn’t want your story.
Try other options or move on.

12) If you’re halfway through and realize you hate it or like it but wouldn’t read it, it’s okay to set it aside and work on something else.
Don’t force it. There’s no point.

13) You’re going to doubt yourself. You’re going to worry. You’re going to be afraid. Keep writing.

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8 Responses to 13 Lessons From The Story Graveyard

  1. #13 is probably the most valuable thing. It's what separates writers from people who like to write every so often. And I'm working on #2 now for the NaNo story–I'm actually outlining this chapter by chapter, which stuns me.

  2. Ah, here you are. I keep looking for a link to your blog in your comments on mine. I was going to search for you on AW today to find one, but then you posted in Update your blog. Hooray! I just subscribed so I won't have this confusion anymore. Anyway, really good points. Numbers 4 and 6 made me smile. And I love the Bradbury quotation.

  3. @Ruth – Yay! ^_^ I love that quote, too. I live by those words. If I don't know what to write in the next chapter, I just step back and let it go wherever. Usually turns out pretty good. 🙂

  4. #2 is killing me. Sometimes I just jump right in, but for one upcoming project, I have no idea how I'm going to end it. #10 is also scary, but necessary.And we should all have #13 tattooed somewhere on our bodies.

  5. I know, right? I need to post #13 on my wall. I deal with that almost every week. I hope you figure out your ending soon! I know the feeling, I often have problems with endings.

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