Poem: “Hope” (What Do I Dare To Dream)

This week’s poem is another lovely original by me. Since I’ve gotten back into poetry, inspiration strikes at the most random and mundane of times. I’m trying to be less scared about posting stuff. Poetry and song lyrics have to be the only writing mediums in my life I don’t edit. Unless I think of another way to say a line that I like better. 🙂 I even edit my journal sometimes. Lol! So you can imagine, it’s really nice and relaxing to have something I can just write and walk away from, even if it’s not great. And I’m so excited to be writing poetry again, right now I love everything. If I can find a way to share some song lyrics without having to sing them I’ll post a song one day. 🙂

“Hope” (What Do I Dare To Dream)
What do I dare to dream
of hope
of love
and of rain
Rain to wash away the acrid thoughts
Rain to wash away it all
Water dripping through my thoughts
The drops…I watch them fall
What do I dare to dream
of success
of a future
and of him
He who guards my nights
And keeps the nightmares far away
Away where I can’t see them
Away – where they can’t cause pain
What do I dare dream
of hope
of love
and of you
(25 June 2013)



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