December Blog Chain: It’s Over

What have I’ve done?! Lol!

This is my post for AbsoluteWrite’s December Blog Chain. This month’s theme: The End (of the World). For more exciting End of the World posts, see the links at the bottom of the page! ^^

I’m going to be weird and do something a little different. This month’s theme inspired this fabulous, original, narrative poem. ^^

It’s Over
He stands by the polluted waters
And lifts his face up to the sky.
Burning debris falls against his skin,
Why couldn’t it have been him who died?

He turns away from the dock and closes his eyes
It’s over…
He can never face any of the survivors again
But there’s nowhere to take cover.

Nightingale was his entire world
He fought to keep her safe.
But everyone will blame him
Accuse him of using her as bait.

He didn’t know they would come after her
A thousand bombing planes in tow.
He just wanted their allegiance,
He never meant to sink this low!

They should have left her where they found her
Now his country is destroyed.
Why didn’t he stop his people
From bringing that damned horse into Troy.

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13 Responses to December Blog Chain: It’s Over

  1. An engaging read with visuals that makes the reader feel he/she is amid the ruins. One could feel the anguish and great loss of the main character as well. Thumbs up!

  2. Wow–Krystal, this is gorgeous! Every word in every line is equally as powerful. I love people who can put such an awesome amount of presence into a piece so small. Makes me want to read more of your work!! Excellent job, Krystal!

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